AirPods Pro will have a new function with iOS 17

WWDC 2023 has been an eventful journey, showcasing a plethora of exciting announcements from the Cupertino company. From unveiling new operating systems to introducing innovative products, Apple has left no stone unturned. Amidst all the excitement, Apple also took the opportunity to revamp the AirPods Pro, and in this post, we’ll delve into all the details.

AirPods Pro will have a new function

Over the years, Apple has expanded its lineup of AirPods models, catering to various user preferences. Among these options, the AirPods Pro have emerged as a crowd favorite due to their remarkable versatility. Recognizing the popularity and significance of this product, Apple consistently seeks to enhance the user experience. True to form, Apple has seized the opportunity at this year’s WWDC to introduce exciting improvements to the AirPods Pro, further elevating their performance and features.


The AirPods Pro have gained immense popularity primarily due to their exceptional noise cancellation capabilities, placing them among the best in the market. Users can easily immerse themselves in their own world by simply pressing one of the earphone stems. However, in addition to noise cancellation, there is another noteworthy feature called “ambient mode” that may not receive initial recognition but proves to be incredibly valuable in everyday scenarios. It allows users to stay connected to their surroundings without needing to remove the AirPods when they want to listen to something or engage in a conversation.

Apple has taken note of the significance of this aspect and aimed to enhance the overall user experience of the AirPods. It’s worth mentioning that Apple is not the sole innovator in this regard, as other competing headphones already offer similar functionalities. At WWDC, the Cupertino company introduced “adaptive audio,” a new way to control external sound with your headphones, further enriching the AirPods experience.

Until now, users had to manually switch between noise cancellation and ambient mode on their AirPods. However, Apple has introduced a significant improvement in this regard. The latest update allows the AirPods to intelligently transition between these modes automatically. For instance, if you have noise cancellation enabled while walking down the street and initiate a conversation with someone, you won’t need to manually activate ambient mode. The AirPods will detect the situation and seamlessly switch to ambient mode without any user intervention. This advancement is undoubtedly beneficial as it enhances the overall convenience of using these headphones.

Nevertheless, it remains to be seen how well Apple has implemented this feature, as similar solutions in other headphones have experienced latency issues during mode transitions. The effectiveness and responsiveness of the automatic switching will be a key factor to evaluate. This new functionality will be made available through a forthcoming software update that will naturally impact the AirPods as well.