Why using the cloud can save you from security attacks

To maintain security when browsing the Internet we can take into account different factors. It is essential to have good antivirus and programs that protect us. So is having the systems properly updated. However, sometimes all of this is not enough, as there are certain types of attacks that can bypass these measures. For example if we are victims of ransomware and it encrypts all files. In this article we are going to talk about how the cloud can be the solution to these problems.

The cloud, a defensive barrier against ransomware and other threats

using the cloud can save you from security attacks

The use of the cloud has grown a lot in recent times. It is very useful to have content hosted and be able to access it anywhere. Also to create backup copies or free up space. Now, could it really help improve security?

The first reason is because of how the content is hosted . Let’s think that the ransomware is going to attack our computer, for example with Windows, and encrypt all the folders and files there are. It could even block access to the system itself. But if the files are stored in the cloud, in case of being victims of an attack of this type we would not be affected.

In addition, it is a more agile option to create backup copies and move files from one place to another. We will not need to connect physical devices for this, since we can simply move them through the Internet. This gives us a series of advantages, among which we can once again highlight greater security and risk reduction.

On the other hand, it will allow those responsible for the security of an organization to act quickly and save data in the event of a cyber attack. The content will be stored in the cloud, so they can be accessed from any other secure device. We must always use secure cloud platforms.

It should also be noted that the cloud tends to make file recovery tasks much easier. It is faster and easier than doing it on a physical computer, something that can be especially useful for large companies and organizations.

Aplicaciones de seguridad en la nube

Protecting security in the cloud is essential

Although we have seen that it has some advantages to improve security, it is true that we can also suffer problems and attacks. One of the most obvious is data leakage due to the fact that an intruder has managed to access the content.

That is why we must protect cloud services as much as possible . We need to generate passwords that are strong and secure, that have everything necessary to prevent any user from accessing the content and jeopardizing privacy and security.

It is going to be essential to use a good storage service in the cloud, in addition to having it well configured and with everything necessary to minimize the security problems that we may suffer.

In short, the use of the cloud is not only increasing more and more, but it is also an option to consider if we want to improve network security and reduce the risk of attacks such as ransomware.