Why the POCO F6 Pro is the Best Mid-Range Phone of 2024

Xiaomi and POCO will introduce the new flagman POCO F6 Pro today, and we have already tested the model. In this new model, the company plans to take on the mid-premium segment with the car’s features and its price that are considered irresistible. Beginning from the cameras to the battery life, the POCO F6 Pro is among the best devices in its category since it performs exceptionally well.

poco-f6-pro test

Essential Characters of the POCO F6 Pro

Display: 6. The screen size is 67 inches with WQHD+ resolution of 120Hz, Flow AMOLED with thin bezels, with a peak brightness of up to 4000 nits.

Processor: It includes up to 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB of internal storage next-generation Android flagship processer Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

Battery: 15000 with super fast 120W charging.

Camera: Three optical 50MP camera with a IMX882 ultra-wide-angle sensor.

Additional Specs: Two drivers, mi hyper os, 5G, Bluetooth 5. 4, WiFi 7.

Dimensions: Measures 179 grams and is just 8 mm in thickness.

Screen and Performance

The 6. 70W Qi Wireless Fast Charging is possible, with 67-inch WQHD+ 120Hz Flow AMOLED screen as the major highlight which has impressive brightness and colors. It has slim borders and can adapt to various lighting as it has a peak brightness of 4000 nits. The screen is suitable for reading, scrolling the Web, streaming videos, and playing video games.

The POCO F6 Pro features the outstanding Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, making it efficient in handling all the functions. Regardless of whether you are carrying out your daily activities, gaming, or both, and any other operations, this phone doesn’t pose a challenge. Application of Xiaomi HyperOS as a smart operating system brings out the new classy and advanced level of personalization and optimization of the device.

Camera Performance

The back of the POCO F6 Pro is extraordinary, they decided it has a camera housing that has a 50MP fresher range and camera. Decoding the slot that renders the iPhone 12 Pro Max with an ultra-wide-angle camera and macro capability as an additional bonus. Joe uses the Dual Native ISO Fusion technology together with the POCO Imaging Engine to take excellent photos in different lighting environments, including low light conditions.

Battery Life and Charging

Battery capacity is also not a problem on the POCO F6 Pro. Shot taking and display hogging abilities are not a problem because the 5,000 mAh battery lasts for more than a day of regular usage. When you do need to charge, then the 120W fast Charging feature guarantees that your phone gets to a 100% within 19 minutes, which eradicates battery stress.

Design and Build

The POCO F6 Pro is slim and portable with dimensions of 163. 7mm in width, 75. 3mm in length and a thickness of 8mm and weighs 179grams. It is available in black as well as white and has a velvety glass finish with rounded edges giving a feel of classy product. It is also important to note that the design of the phone as a whole is pleasurable to the eye and is also ergonomically sensitive that it gives more control in gripping the phone.

Overall Impressions

The POCO F6 Pro lies in a mid-range bracket; which makes the devices a perfect contender against brands like, OPPO, Vivo, or Realme among others. Priced from €499. 99 for some period of time and it offers enormous value for the money offering performance characteristics of the model that is considerably higher in the company’s lineup.


Today, there are so many gadgets on the market, and choosing a really good device is very important, so if you are interested in purchasing a mid-range smartphone with a flagman distinctive, the POCO F6 Pro for you. It has the right dimensions, speed, brilliant camera, and enjoys a long battery-backup, which classifies it as a standout. All things considered, the POCO F6 Pro is an economic phone that is built to impress and thus we advice anyone interested in this smartphone to go ahead and get it.