Why should you always pay with the NFC of your mobile

Many users today have the NFC chip on their mobile devices that allows us different functionalities, including the feature of making payments with a smartphone. Despite this, and that we can still find phones without this technology, there are still many people who prefer to continue using their bank card on a regular basis.

However, the use of paying by “contactless” with our smartphones is safer than using a credit card. At least, it carries fewer risks since we have better security systems that have been reinforced over the years and the advancement of this technology that is booming.

Is it safer to pay with your mobile phone or with a credit card?

One of the main drawbacks that we will find when using our bank cards is that, in the event that we lose it, we will have to disable it running. Well, if we do not have a maximum limit when making a payment without having to establish the PIN code, we will be running great risks that they start buying in physical stores.

On the other hand, if we have a smartphone with NFC , the truth is that in order to make any type of purchase with the mobile phone, it will not ask us for the card pin. Of course, in order to make use of this technology we will have to unlock our mobile device in order to authorize said payment. However, we can always mark a pre-established amount so that, in that case, it will ask us again for the mobile pin or any other type of identification.

For this reason, payment with any mobile device will always be more secure. But, we must also be careful, so you should not have no type of protection when unlocking our smartphone. More than anything, because in case of loss or theft, anyone can easily access this data.

Secure payments on your smartphone

One of the advantages of when we pay with the mobile is that the credit card data is not shared directly with the establishment, unlike what happens when we use traditional credit or debit cards. In this way, the store where we are going to buy will never see the card number, the expiration date or the CVV code in any case.

pago con el movil

However, you always have to take a series of precautions when we go to make purchases using the NFC of mobile devices :

  • Use secure apps to protect your purchases like Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.
  • If you have an Android mobile you will have the option to activate and deactivate the NFC whenever you want.
  • Activate notifications from your bank to know when you make a transaction and to be pending at all times.
  • Activate the unlocking function of your smartphone using a code, easy recognition or fingerprint.
  • Be careful with malware , so you should check your mobile so that the security of your card cannot be compromised.