Why RAT Malware is So Dangerous and How to Protect Ourselves

Protecting our data, preventing third parties from stealing personal information, is essential when connecting to the network. Unfortunately there are many attacks that we can suffer. There is a great variety of malware and threats that could affect us in one way or another. Today we are talking about RAT malware or remote access tools. Cybercriminals could seriously jeopardize our privacy by stealing passwords, accessing our files or browsing history.

RAT, a very important problem for our privacy

Attackers refine their strategies over time . They are more adapted to the current moment, to the services and programs that can be used the most, and they also manage to bypass security measures. This means that a type of malware can be more used on certain occasions.

RAT Malware

There is no doubt that our personal information is of great value online. They can use it to include us in spam lists, for example. This is where RAT malware, also known as remote access tools, plays a fundamental role. Now Microsoft has issued a warning about this type of malware that seeks to steal personal data, access the web cam, browsing history and, ultimately, compromise our privacy.

There are important varieties like RevengeRAT or AsyncRAT . These types of threats come through a wide variety of methods, but email is undoubtedly one of the most important. In most cases it is a PDF file that actually hides a malicious VB file.

Microsoft warns that user data is not safe due to RAT malware. This means that we must take extreme precautions and at no time be victims of these attacks. They could steal information of all kinds, passwords and affect the performance of the computers.

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Tips to protect ourselves from RAT malware

For this reason, we want to give a series of essential tips to avoid being victims of this variety of malware. We must protect ourselves from remote access tools that could infect our computers and be the gateway to hackers. It is always important to protect computers from malware.

Something that can not be missing is having security programs . A good antivirus will help avoid malicious software and alert us in case we have downloaded a file that could be a danger. We have at our disposal a wide range of possibilities.

But you also have to remember the importance of having up -to-date systems . In many cases, cybercriminals take advantage of computer vulnerabilities to sneak RAT. We can avoid this with patches and updates that protect us.

Another essential issue is common sense . Most attacks of this type will require user interaction. They will need us to open a malicious file that comes to us by email or to install some kind of program. In this way we will open the door to cybercriminals so that they can control our equipment. Therefore, it is very important to avoid errors of this type.

In short, protecting ourselves from RAT malware is something that we must bear in mind today. Microsoft has warned about how these types of attacks are growing and how they could compromise our personal information.