Advantages of Outlook or Thunderbird Over Chrome for Email

Despite all the years that email has been with us, for many it remains a staple in their daily lives. Whether for work or personal reasons, the use of email is still used by millions every day around the world, both on the PC and on mobile devices , from the browser, or from a client.

This allows us to exchange all types of files and content with users from all over the world in a fast and secure way. But this is not what we want to talk about, since few of you need to know at this point the benefits or disadvantages that we find when using this method of communication. It is true that today we also have social networks or instant messaging applications. However, these solutions are not always the most appropriate when exchanging information on the Internet .

Advantages of Outlook or Thunderbird Over Chrome

Of course, when using email we do have several ways to do it. Here we can highlight that we have the possibility of using specific software as a client, or doing it directly from the browser. Despite the fact that this second method, over the years, has become more and more widespread, there are those who prefer to use a client. With these clients we refer to programs of the popularity of Microsoft‘s Outlook, Mozilla’s Thunderbird , MailBird , etc.

Thus, in these same lines we will introduce you to some of the main advantages that we find when using one of these programs for email, instead of the browser.

Mozilla Thunderbird, cliente de correo electrónico

Mail clients are packed with features

As you can imagine, the programs that we install and that act as email clients are packed with functions and features. These, how could it be otherwise, mostly refer to things we can do with our emails. Not only when sending and receiving, but to manage these contents down to the last detail.

It is true that the online platforms that are offered in the browser are also very complete in this sense, but sometimes they are somewhat more limited.

We are not totally dependent on the Internet

As its name suggests, browsers are the programs that offer us everything we need to move around the Internet, so the connection is key. This is extended to the platforms that we use here, such as email. Therefore, in a browser and most of the tasks that we carry out in them, we depend on that active connection, since many of the tasks are carried out in the cloud.

However, if we focus on email, when using a client that we install locally, we can do many things offline, since we do not depend so much on the cloud . This, in certain circumstances, will help us, especially if the connection fails, or we simply don’t have one.

For security, we avoid the cloud

And speaking of the cloud, this is something that is being used more and more. That is, with this we refer to the possibility of using a space on the servers of the company that offers the service, to save our data. In the case of email , if we exclusively use a cloud platform, all those emails are stored on those servers . However, if we choose to use a client, we have the possibility of saving those messages locally on the PC to save them or use them whenever we need them.