Why Not Use the Screen Brightness in Windows to the Maximum

When working with our desktop PC based on a Windows system, which happens most of the time, we seek maximum comfort. In this way we make use of the many functions that this software presents to us to adapt it to what we are looking for or need at all times. In this case or we will talk about a very important section that we usually misuse, we refer to the brightness of the screen .

This is a function that we can use both through the configuration of the operating system, and from third-party programs that adjust the brightness. At the same time we also have the possibility of setting a higher or lower brightness of this component, from the controls that many monitors incorporate. But with everything and with it, despite the enormous amount of hours that we often spend in front of the monitor panel, we are not careful with its brightness.

Why Not Use the Screen Brightness in Windows to the Maximum

What’s more, we can affirm, as many of you already know, that on more occasions than we should, we set the brightness to the maximum, and that’s it. However, we do not stop weighing a few seconds on the negative consequences of this particular action. Precisely for all this reason why below we will talk about some of the reasons why you should not do this. What we want to tell you is why it is not advisable to set the brightness of your screen in Windows to the maximum at all times.

It does more damage to the eye

As they say, the first thing we have to think about is health. This also extends to the world of technology. That is why we must bear in mind that working long hours, every day, in front of an excessively bright screen, in the medium / long term can be highly detrimental to our visual health.

Proof of all this is that, for example, more and more developers are adding software of all kinds to their projects, a dark mode . What’s more, this visual damage we’re talking about becomes even more important if we work in a low-light environment, but with the screen at maximum brightness.

The autonomy of the laptop decreases a lot

On the other hand, something that we must also bear in mind if we work on a laptop is the importance of this element in terms of its autonomy. In fact, it is one of the components that most influences the battery life of a laptop. Therefore it goes without saying that working with a very high brightness when we do not have access to the electrical network, radically reduces the general autonomy of the equipment.

At this point we can say that a very fast and effective method to lower this brightness that we are talking about, is by clicking on the notifications button. We see this in the lower right corner of the desktop, on the Taskbar . Here we see a slider bar to adjust this parameter.

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We lose image quality and color depth

It is also important to know that using too high a brightness in our equipment, in addition to being harmful, can affect the rest of the nuances of the image. This is something that is especially evident if we usually play games or watch high-quality videos. Here we can find that, due to that excess of brightness, we miss other very important aspects that are part of the same image , such as the colors and shades or depth of the same.