Why more battery is not synonymous with more autonomy on the mobile

Surely when you have considered buying a new mobile, you have greatly appreciated the capacity that the battery of that phone should have. In recent years we have seen phones with up to 7000mAh battery . But this does not necessarily mean that we will have proportionally more autonomy. These may be the reasons.

Many times we look only at the size of the battery, and not at other aspects that may be as important or more than this. And it is that a mobile with a larger battery does not guarantee a greater autonomy than that of another phone with less battery capacity.

Why more battery is not synonymous

It does not always mean more autonomy

When it comes to power consumption, there are many factors that go into estimating whether a battery is big enough for a phone. For example, the components of the phone have a lot to do with this, starting with its screen, that if it has a higher refresh rate or resolution, it will use more battery, even if it has a peak brightness greater than another phone that even has less battery.

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The same happens with the processor, and the normal thing is that the more powerful it is, the more energy it consumes. And that each new generation is much more efficient than the previous one. But it is proven that the more performance, the more consumption too. The same happens if the phone has 5G connectivity and it is used, since it consumes much more battery. And finally the software , this can ruin a good autonomy even if we have a lot of battery. These are the main factors that can unbalance the balance of one phone to another in the battle for autonomy, even if it has even less battery. For that reason, there is a more and more marked trend in the market in terms of batteries.

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And the fact is that the more high-end a mobile is, the smaller the battery size it has, and the faster the fast charging speed. The smaller battery size is supplemented by an increasingly fast charge. On the other hand, when we descend the range, normally to the average and entry, we find larger batteries , but with slower charging speeds. This partly shows that more battery does not always mean more autonomy.

So what do we trust?

Currently there are many mid-range mobiles with 6000mAh or 7000mAh capacity in their batteries, and curiously they are mounted on phones with medium or low hardware requirements, precisely to extend the autonomy up to two or three days. If that same battery were to be placed in a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, the normal thing is that it lasts much less because of the demanding hardware it has. Then we have the case of the iPhone , traditionally mobile phones with very small batteries than Android phones, but they have nothing to envy to these in autonomy.

You may wonder why this is the case if their batteries are smaller. Well, the answer is simple, since they operate in a closed ecosystem, with software optimized for a handful of models, which is much more efficient. And with a 3500mAh battery they can get as much autonomy as other Android phones with 4500mAh or 5000mAh. Therefore no, not always more battery is a guarantee of more autonomy.