Why isn’t my Samsung getting more One UI updates?

The Korean manufacturer does not stop the development of One UI for a single second, to correct problems in the system or to prepare for the changes of version 4.0. There are several smartphones that are currently receiving the changes from One UI 3.1 although on the other hand, there are those who do not receive and possibly will not receive this update or the important jump in the personalization layer.

This has an explanation that we must know and why we will not be clear again why our phone has not received news for so long. Something that after a while can even become dangerous, since we will not have the ideal security protection against attacks and various threats.

Samsung getting more One UI updates

Update time on Samsung

The first thing we should know is that each brand makes its own decisions regarding the timing of updates for mobile phones and in this case we focus on Samsung‘s policy. The brand modified the times in early 2021 for the benefit of users, allowing us to benefit from up to 4 years of security updates and 3 years of the operating system.

actualización samsung galaxy s20 fe

However, things change depending on the Samsung smartphones. All the terminals presented from the following models of each series are the ones that have access to this advantage:

  • Galaxy Fold onwards.
  • Galaxy S10 onwards.
  • Galaxy Note10 onwards.
  • Galaxy A10 onwards.
  • Galaxy M10s onwards.

The models prior to all of them will be terminals that have already passed the stipulated time for updates and that can lead many users to find themselves with the undesirable situation that there are no more One UI updates to receive. This leads us to find that popular models such as the Galaxy S 9 or the Note 9 have lagged behind.

We have a problem

In case your smartphone is within the Samsung update deadlines and yet the mobile has not been updated for a while, we can put the machinery into operation.

The first thing is to make sure, since the updates can be configured automatically and take place at night. To check the security patch you have to enter Settings> Security and check the version of the security updates that we have installed. We should only be alarmed if the time that has passed is more than six months, since in some models it can be quarterly or semi-annual updates.

Samsung Galaxy con One UI

Another way to check is to access Settings> Device information and check the version of One UI , taking into account that currently the latest available is One UI 3.1.1. In some cases, it may take a while to reach us, since the deployment extends over weeks and months.

If in any of the cases we run into a problem due to the time that has passed, we can only force the update by going into Settings> Software updates and doing a manual search. Another option is to use Smart Switch , the Samsung computer program that will check that everything on our mobile works as it should and locate updates that via OTA may not have reached the terminal due to an error.