Are you bad at languages? Convert the keyboard into a translator

One of the most important advantages of mobiles is based on communication, even when we try to interact with people who speak different languages to ours. It is always good to learn new languages, but it is something that requires a lot of time and effort, so helping us from translators never hurts.

When starting a conversation in writing, either via WhatsApp, Telegram or other means, we do not need to go to the translator’s app continuously to copy and paste the text. We can do it in a much simpler way by using the mobile keyboard to write in another language , which will save us intermediate steps and will facilitate communication with practically any language on the planet.

Convert the keyboard into a translator

One tap on Android

To be able to communicate with this advantage, we just have to start the translator integrated in the keyboard, one more intelligent function of the keyboards. In Android smartphones, the most common keyboards are Gboard and SwiftKey, in both cases with this option integrated, without the need to download alternative ones. However, if your mobile does not have any of them, you just have to download and install them for free:

traductor teclado android

Once we start them up and configure it as our default keyboard, we just have to go to the app in question where we want to translate a conversation or text . Before starting to write we have to touch on the small icon that represents the language change and the text space will be modified.

Then everything we write will be immediately modified in the app to the new language. To make it work as we need, we can modify just above the keyboard the language from which we write and the one we want to modify.

If we prefer, after touching the button to translate the text, we can also make use of the microphone that appears on the right in the case of Gboard and at the same time as we speak, the keyboard will write them in our language to automatically also modify it . A fast and effective way to put technology to work for us.

Also for iPhones

Although if you have an Apple phone you can try to locate this tool, you will not find it until you install the keyboard I need on your mobile. By default in iOS there is no translator and we have to resort to Gboard or Swiftkey as in Android. Either of the two will serve us once chosen as the default keyboard to start the instant translation of text that would otherwise take more work.