Why is the light on the router blinking?

Has it ever happened to you that the router light blinks? Or that he does it intensely? It is true that we depend a lot on this device, although we generally do not pay attention to it until we have problems with the connection. Thus, as a way for the router to communicate with us, it does so through its status lights . But what happens if it doesn’t stop ticking?

The router indicates its status with its lights

Why is the light on the router blinking

Routers are our gateway to the Internet. Its stability is key when it comes to being able to enjoy a good connection quality on a daily basis. However, there are times when problems arise in them that can leave us offline for a long time or that the home network is slower than normal.

As such, the way to communicate the situation in which the router is is through the light, but it may happen that it blinks slightly or even intensely. Each manufacturer includes different lights with different functionality. Some newer routers have even moved some LED lights to the back to keep them from bothering you by flashing ahead. But what does each of the lights mean when it blinks or changes color?

What are the causes of blinking

It’s more; Depending on the router we have, we normally find a light that indicates the status of the Internet or Fiber. In the Orange Livebox these lights are separate, and will indicate different things. For example, the Fiber light indicates whether or not there is a fiber signal .

But it can also occur due to different situations that will tell us if we should (or should not) worry about the possible problem. It does this to indicate power, line activity , and the status and activity of connections to our computer, either by Ethernet or wirelessly.

Depending on the state of these lights, your connection will be stable or not . In addition, you can also know the type of connections you have enabled. For example, they provide information about the frequencies we use or the cables we have connected directly to the router.

Causas luz router parpadea

In those, each WiFi device has several lights. There is no standard model, but some name these lights while others use symbols and stickers. Not everyone has the same amount of them, on the other hand, although there are some that are always there. These are the reasons why the router light flashes in each of its functions .

  • Power. If the router has power and is turned on, it will remain solid, usually green. This is usually the same in all models.
  • LAN. If it is lit, it indicates that you are connecting a computer using an Ethernet network cable. If it is flashing, it means that it is transmitting data, assuming that they are not the ones that are always fixed. Their number can vary, from one for each Ethernet port, one for all, and even none.
  • Wifi. If it is operational, it indicates that the WiFi network is activated. If it is blinking, it will indicate that it is transmitting data, although it can vary from one for each WiFi band or just one.
  • Internet. In this case, if the light is solid, it means that the connection has been established correctly. On the other hand, if this light on the router flashes, it will indicate that data is being transmitted between the router and the network.
  • WPS. Indicating that it is connected without having to enter a password, it will tell us that it is active when the light is fixed. Then, if it blinks, that means it’s passing our Wi-Fi password to another device for setup.
  • Phone. Although it is less frequent, it is possible that we have a fixed telephone connected to the router. This can start to blink when we are talking on the phone, while if it is fixed it means that it is active; On the other hand, if the light is red or does not turn on, it will tell us that there is a problem with the telephone line.