Why home automation is easier than you think

Domotizing a home is something that is very present today. It basically means that we can make our home smarter, with devices of all kinds. We can automate tasks, avoid security problems, save energy, control devices by voice… But something that happens on many occasions is that we think that it is a complicated and expensive process. However, in this article we are going to explain why using home automation at home is easier than it seems.

Making a smart home is easy

Why home automation is easier than you think

It must be borne in mind that home automation can be more or less advanced. That is, you can install only a few specific devices or, instead, fill the entire house. Therefore, it may be more complicated in some cases than in others. Even so, starting to make your home smart is not as difficult as it may seem.

Why is it easier than it seems? Domotizing a home can simply be installing smart bulbs , for example. You can change the lights in some rooms, in the living room, in the front door… You can control these bulbs directly from your mobile, to be able to turn them on or off, schedule, adjust the brightness…

Precio de las bombillas inteligentes

Something similar happens with smart plugs . They are another type of device widely used in home automation and it is also easy to use. It is as easy as placing them in a wall socket and configuring it to access the settings from the mobile. They are also cheap and allow devices that are not intelligent to be converted, such as even an air conditioner. You can turn devices on or off, schedule them, analyze consumption…

Another reason why it is easy to automate a home is to be able to have smart speakers . It is another popular device and they are also cheap. You can control smart plugs or light bulbs, for example, simply by using your voice. Some examples are Alexa or Google Home.

Devices for all tastes

However, automating the house is not just installing light bulbs, plugs or placing a smart speaker. We can say that this is the base, it is the simple and fast part, but there is much more. You will find household appliances and devices for all tastes, with very diverse functions that you can start using in your day to day.

For example, we can name electrical appliances such as a refrigerator, an oven, or a dishwasher. In all these cases you will be able to control the devices from your mobile, remotely, and even automate certain functions. The goal is to save time, gain comfort and also optimize energy consumption.

One use that you can give a smart oven is to be able to turn it on from outside the home and start preheating so that, once you arrive, you can heat up the food. You can also receive alerts in the event that there is a lack of food in the refrigerator or program the dishwasher and also adjust it depending on the load.

In short, as you can see, domotizing a house is not as complicated as you might think. Although you will always find many more options, if we think about the basics you will not need much. You will be able to control certain household appliances simply with a Wi-Fi plug.