Why Google Play Doesn’t Open: Causes and Solutions

It is not necessary to highlight the importance that Google Play has in an Android smartphone, and if not, ask Huawei. The most important and extensive bazaar of applications in the world, allows us to find on demand all the software we need for our mobile. But like everything, it is also not exempt from experiencing problems , without a priori we can find an explanation.

Google Play Doesn't Open: Causes and Solutions

The proper functioning of Google Play requires several factors that are sometimes related to the use we make of the mobile. One of the most common problems of Google Play is when the application does not open, that is, when you click on it, it does not react or does so for an instant, immediately returning us to the desktop.

Solutions to the problem

Restart the mobile

It is the first and fastest step to check if the problem is solved. This very simple method will allow you to free up mobile memory or interrupt corrupt processes that are interfering with the correct operation of the app. After restarting we should try to open the application again.

reiniciar movil

Clear the cache

The next step to fix the problem will be to clear the cache and data from Google Play. In this way, we can start the application from scratch and the application will be able to run normally again. For this we go to Settings / Applications and tap on Google Play Store. Then click on “Storage” and tap on both clear cache and clear data. Once we see done, we restart the mobile once more and check if the problem has disappeared.

Update Google Play Services

Google Play Services is a system application that ensures the correct operation of all Google apps, including Google Play. If for any reason it is out of date it is very possible that the Android bazaar does not start. To check this point we go to Settings / Applications and search for Google Play Services. Once inside, click on “Update” and wait for the process to finish. After completion, we should be able to enter Google Play without problems.

Google Play Services

Correct date and time?

When the date and time of our mobile phone is out of adjustment for any reason, it will cause problems with many system apps including Google Play. We will have to go to Settings / Date and Time and we will check if the automatic time is activated, or if there are any problems regarding the actual date and time. Once the correct date and time have been set, we will have to restart the mobile and run Google Play again.

Force stop and update

The following steps usually give good results to be able to recover the normal operation of Google Play and that it runs without problems. We will have to follow them in the correct order and restart the mobile once we have finished. For this we go again to Settings / Applications / Google Play:

  • We force stop the application.
  • Click on uninstall updates
  • We update the application
  • We restart the mobile and run Google Play again