Why doesn't Instagram let you put music in Stories?

Part of the charm of Instagram is the Stories . Those little videos or ephemeral images that we use to tell about some things that happen in our day to day. As with the Reels, a story without music can lose all its charm. And there are users who have problems when inserting music in this type of publication. Let’s see what solutions we can find to this problem.

Why doesn't Instagram let you put music in Stories

Are you sure it’s not a technical problem?

We will start with the problems that may be associated with our mobile phone :

Clear the cache

This issue occurs only on Android , and is caused by some corruption in the app’s cache data. Clearing the cache is easy, you just have to follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on Apps
  3. Go to Show All Apps
  4. Once inside, look for the Instagram app
  5. Then click on ‘ Storage and Cache
  6. Click again on the trash can that says ‘ Clear Cache

If the problem was this, you will have solved it.

Update the App

If your app has become obsolete, you may have lost access to some features, which is common if you haven’t done this procedure for a long time.

The normal thing in these cases is that your apps are updated automatically periodically. If this is not your case, do the following:

  • On iOS (iPhone) – Go to App Store > Updates, search for Instagram and tap ‘Update’.
  • On Android : go to the Google Play app, go to the ‘My apps’ section and then look for Instagram. Next, hit ‘update’.

Reinstall the app

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If there is something misconfigured in your app, deleting and reinstalling the app may fix it. This method is as simple as tapping and holding the app in your app drawer, confirming that you want to remove it, and going back to the store to download it again. Of course, remember that you will have to log in again.

Do you have a company account?

If you still have the problem, now you have already ruled out that it is a technical problem. In these cases, we have to ask ourselves if we are using a professional profile .

Instagram separates between normal and professional users. Company profiles can access better metrics than individuals, but there are also limitations . One of them is that we cannot use copyrighted music if we are professionals . The reason is that it is understood that, by making a professional communication, you are earning money for it, so it is logical that you should reward the artists.

If you have a company profile, but you are not making a profit, or you are not compensated, you can convert it back to a normal account . To do this, go to Account Options and tap on ‘ Switch to personal account ‘.

Region and app locks

If this is not your case either, it may be due to one last limitation. The entire Instagram music catalog is not available in all parts of the world, as there is a certain regional blocking .

This also happens when you share a post from another app . In these cases, Instagram should warn you that there is a mismatch between what you want to do and your post. This is typical if you want to publish from Netflix, for example.