Create a PlayStation Memory Card with a Raspberry Pi

Practically from minute one , PlayStation was prey to all kinds of tricks to get past its protection systems. First it was the famous disc swap that allowed loading copies in a relatively simple way, although, over the years, things became even more sophisticated thanks to the installation of special chips. So if there was no truce then, imagine in these times once more than 26 years have passed.

Create a PlayStation Memory Card with a Raspberry Pi

A simple Memory Card

If you remember, the famous PlayStation memory cards were the only way to store games in the first version of the console . That PSX had no internal storage and it was impossible to write anything on the disks, so either we had one of these Memory Cards or when we turned the machine back on we had to replay everything we had from the start.

Memory Card PSX.

Now a project called PicoMemcard has just appeared, signed by Danielle Giuliani, and through which we can expand the storage capacity of the console thanks to the presence of a USB interface in which we can insert a multi-gig storage key and, even , an SD card to enjoy a plus more space to save things.

And of course, when we talk about more storage and gigabytes, we are not referring to space to write those savegames , but rather something else. Guess what? Indeed, one of the functions of this PicoMemcard is to allow us to load backups of games that we have on the computer or vice versa, take a disk that we don’t have a backup of and do it quickly and easily.

What do you need?

In the video that you have right here below you can see exactly what they use to build that PicoMemcard, but it is basically an old PlayStation Memory Card (the one with the least capacity and the one in the worst condition) and solder bridges to the memory card connector contacts to connect to the Pico. Then you just have to install the firmware developed specifically for this accessory and that’s it, we’ll have it.