Why does my Smart TV turn off by itself?

Smart TVs are characterized by performing different functions such as connecting any smartphone via USB cable or remotely. On the other hand, and as something quite normal, it is that after a certain time it begins to present failures. In any case, we must know how to differentiate the fault before looking for solutions, specify why the TV turns itself off or on and what the solution is.

It may be normal for the Smart TV to turn off by itself

Why does my Smart TV turn off by itself

Did you know that most modern televisions are powered by something called a digital light processor ? This makes the operation that the image can come out on the screen of it. In this way, he is responsible for ensuring its operation.

Well, this, in certain more up-to-date televisions, such as Smart TVs themselves, we find that you can do so that your configuration is prepared for a possible automatic shutdown or restart . It is not the same in all cases, but it could happen that depending on the device itself this has happened to you at home.

In fact, this should not surprise us, since what is sought in the latest generation is that they work as well as possible with favorable energy savings for all. Therefore, yes; Within the possibilities, it is normal for a device of this caliber (after a while) to turn off by itself.

what reasons are there

Obviously, like any other device, it is not by chance that it does this. Thus, if our Smart TV turns off by itself, there are several possible causes, all of which are well related to your settings and the external devices connected to the TV.

It is also true that if it does this continuously or very often over time, it is quite likely that there is some kind of fault , problem or bad adjustment in it that prevents it from working normally.

Power outages

One of the reasons why your Smart TV may turn off is a short blackout. Occasionally, and not out of the ordinary, your home’s power supply experiences problems that cause brief power outages.

You may not notice it with other appliances or lights, but it could affect your TV. Surge protectors can also cause problems with power outages . In this sense, what you can do is plug the TV directly into a wall outlet to rule out this possibility.

Motivos Smart TV apaga sola

Use of timer

Another of the most common factors is that, either knowingly or by mistake, at home we have chosen to program a timer to turn off the television at a certain time . In many cases, this is one of the main reasons why the TV turns itself off. At the same time, this can be set so that the TV turns off after a certain time, but to make it idle, it is better to turn it off:

  • Turn on the TV.
  • Press the Menu button on your remote and go to Settings .
  • Access the Time menu.
  • Select Timer and disable it,
  • Press the Exit button.

Main board problems

Also, as we say, it can be directly with the aforementioned digital light processor, which uses a motherboard to project the image on the television screen.

In this case, if the board inside the Smart TV malfunctions, it can cause the electrical components to overheat , which in turn can cause the TV to turn off on its own. In such cases, the television will usually try to turn back on after it has been turned off.

Check the connections

  • If a set-top box, game console, PC, or other external device is connected to your TV, unplug the power cords from the external devices and plug them back in. The TV screen may display a black screen if the source your TV was connected to is turned off.
  • When there are no external devices connected to the TV, set the Sources to the TV. (Settings -> Source -> TV)
  • Make sure you’re using a certified HDMI cable. If you use an HDMI cable that is not certified, the screen may appear black or a connection error may occur.

ECO function for energy saving

TVs often offer energy saving settings. This is normal, since they are devices that are usually turned on for many hours. However, sometimes they can bother us repeatedly, also causing the Smart TV to turn off after a while (which has nothing to do with the previous schedule). Disabling these types of options is quite simple. You just have to go to the settings panel and enter the following sections.

  • Head to the settings panel.
  • Select the Device Preferences tab.
  • Go into the Energy saving section.
  • Here we can set a longer idle time, or disable the option completely.