Why does GCam improve the photos you take with your mobile so much?

GCam is a software integrated into Google mobile phones with which these devices are capable of obtaining hyper-realistic images. The peculiarity is that they do not depend solely on the quality of your sensor.

GCam improve the photos

This is so because, unlike the rest of the brands, the American company decided to focus more on software than hardware. From this decision was born GCam, an application for computational imaging. It should be noted that this, despite being exclusive to the Pixel, can also be found in the rest of the terminals as APK , but how does this application get better photos?

A special software

Taking good pictures doesn’t just depend on a good camera. Sometimes the software with which the image is made is more important, since there are many factors that directly affect the capture .

As powerful as your phone’s camera is, it may not have excessively good image processing. This factor, together with compression and encoding, are three elements that influence when we take a photo.

Distintos modelos del Google Pixel 5a

On the other hand, it is important to note that the application has an Artificial Intelligence that is responsible for obtaining information from the environment in order to achieve images that are fully assimilated with reality.

Thanks to the good work of these, smartphones like the Pixel 5 that has a 12 MP main sensor are able to achieve impressive images . In addition, the fact of being an application means that the big G regularly updates the GCam to improve certain aspects.

Should you install it?

If you want to get the most out of the specifications that your phone’s camera has, the answer is yes. Some mobiles tend to overexpose the image or produce unnatural blur. GCam inherits properties such as white balance, colors, exposure settings and HDR enhancements from Pixels to take better photos and correct these types of problems.

These problems are also due to the fact that Google software uses some image files that other manufacturers cannot access.

Comparación foto con GCam

You can search for XML files that contain specific settings for your device. In this way it will be adjusted automatically depending on the characteristics of your phone.

Installing the GCam will not only have a better photographic quality, but also all the functions that it brings such as the super resolution Zoom mode.

After trying it, you will see for yourself the radical change involved in focusing on photographic software and you will not be able to stop using it on your phone.