Five essential apps for Android Auto

Technology has become our faithful companion and continually accompanies us wherever we go. This is an even greater reality when we talk about Android Auto , Google’s smart solution for our vehicles. This is based on an application for your phone that you can connect to your car.

Five essential apps for Android Auto

Through it you will be able to run different applications with which to help you during your journey. Whether it is to listen to music or know the route to your destination, the possibilities are very extensive. That is why we have selected 5 applications that are totally essential for Android Auto. If some do not work, the Google software may not work properly.


This tool is known by users for being an ideal alternative to Google Maps . The difference compared to its companion is that Waze offers the user a huge amount of information related to the environment.

Waze Interfaz

This data is provided by the rest of the drivers since there is a community within the application. Among its main advantages are the ability to see the price of gasoline at nearby gas stations and detect speed cameras or accidents.


Audible is posited as a perfect way to play audiobooks in the vehicle. It works in a similar way to Google Play; however, it provides certain functions such as increasing the reading speed in case the pace is too slow.

The best thing is that you will have all the books purchased on Kindle , since this app is developed by Amazon . In fact, if you download it to your smartphone you will get an audiobook completely free of charge.

TuneIn Radio

If you are one of those who prefers to listen to the radio before choosing your own music, TuneIn Radio is what you are looking for. Thanks to it you will enjoy more than 100,000 stations.

Interfaz TuneIn Radio

It is one of the most popular radio broadcasting apps for users. Among the wide selection of stations they contain there are possibilities of all kinds , so there is no problem if you want to listen to music, news or programs. Everything is at your fingertips.


Listening to music has never been easier with VLC , an all-in-one player. You will wonder what is special about it, and that is that it is compatible with all audio formats.

But not only that, it also allows video playback , although this option is disabled while driving so as not to generate dangers while driving.

Pocket Casts

The best way to listen to podcasts is Pocket Casts . In fact, it has been awarded several times by Google.

Interfaz Pocket Casts

The advantages it hides are related to greater control and accessibility when choosing what to play. For example, to speed up the search process, you can filter by episodes while monitoring the timeline. All this can be done from the buttons on the steering wheel (if your car has them).