Why does Cabify charge me for trips that I don't take?

If you have had the unpleasant experience of thinking that Cabify has overcharged you for trips you have not made, we try to answer your concerns by showing the reasons why they could have made these trips.

If you have consulted your account some time later and it does not sound like a trip, check that in fact you have not done it and you have forgotten about it.

Why does Cabify charge me for trips that I don't take

But there are many cases for which you could be charged for a trip that you have not actually made , so we will tell you the main situations that would arise in this matter.

Reasons why I could charge you trips without taking them

If you have not taken a trip and have been charged, it may be for these reasons.

Payment withheld for security

One of the main reasons why you can receive a charge from Cabify without having made any trip is because they charge you a little extra to avoid possible fraud or to confirm the means of payment. This amount is not charged to you, but is only withheld and you will recover it in a few days.

In reality, the company does not keep your money at any time, although you will not be able to dispose of it until it is returned to you. Therefore, you can see that a certain amount of money has been withheld from your account.

trip cancellation

If you actually requested a ride and didn’t enjoy it, but canceled several minutes after you had an assigned driver , or booked very close to your ride start time , you may be charged in full for the ride. They have not had time to notify the driver so that he does not go to the destination you have indicated, so he will be going there and they will charge you for the journey.

In this case, you will have been charged the minimum charge , so it may not even correspond to the amount you have confirmed.


you forgot your reservation

It may be that you have made the reservation or immediate request for a trip and you have not done it because you have forgotten , you have gone with someone, you have ordered a taxi, you have decided to buy your train tickets to move to another city or any other reason and you have not realized to cancel it . If you have requested a driver in Cabify and you have not canceled it, knowing that you are not going to go, you will be charged anyway. Although in this case, they may not charge you more than the minimum cost of the trip.

It may also be that you have simply forgotten because you have booked it in time, you no longer have to go to that site and you did not realize it, or that you arrive later than you should and the 5-minute courtesy wait has passed.

If none of the cases

It may be that none of the indicated cases occurs, so it may be due to a platform error . It is not the most common, but if you think you have been improperly charged, you can contact them directly from the app or in the contact section of their website.

From the app, you just have to press on your image and a message will appear in which you must select the help section. There you will indicate that you have a problem with a payment and explain your case. If you have canceled and were charged, if you have several charges, etc.


You can do the same if you have been wrongly charged for a trip made, although it is best to make sure beforehand that it is not due to a correct charge for changing the destination of the trip, making more stops, etc.