Why do you need two SIM cards in your mobile?

Over the years, using two SIM cards in your mobile has become quite common, mainly because mobile phones allow you to do it in a simple way with their double slots. If you have not yet taken the step, you are probably wondering why you need two SIM cards in your phone.

So if you have not yet taken the step, you may find yourself at that point where you are not entirely convinced why you may need to have two cards of this type in the phone, something that in certain situations can be really useful.

Why do you need two SIM cards in your mobile

Separate your personal life from the professional

This is perhaps the main reason why we choose to share two SIM cards in our phone, simply because it is easier to divide the personal use we make of the phone with that of the professional , which is something that after all requires a space different. Whether we have been given a phone with a SIM at work and we want to carry everything on the same phone, or if we have bought a SIM for our independent work activity, sharing both on the same phone is a good solution.

And the fact is that the possibilities of personalizing the phone, with specific tones and other settings, allow us to know perfectly if we are receiving a call or a message on our personal mobile, or on the one we are using to work. Clearly, it is the best way to separate the two. But logically even if it is not for work, sometimes it is a good decision to add a SIM card to differentiate other types of activities , that we do not want them to identify with us directly, or that people who know us associate us, it is without doubt another good reason to divide our life within our phone.

Take advantage of offers from two operators

It may be the case that with two different operators and lines we have more gigs for the same price. For example, in one SIM we can have free calls, and in the other a large number of gigabytes, and it turns out that each of them offers us a good price, better than if we had everything in the same SIM.

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It is another reason why you may want to combine the services of two operators to have more free calls and more gigs. Even if for some reason you run out of service on one operator’s SIM card, you can take advantage of the other one, or in the event of an unexpected error.

Use multiple accounts of an app

It is another reason that most leads people to consider having a second SIM. Because we can create alternative accounts and, for example, keep two WhatsApp accounts or other apps on the same mobile.

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But this is something that is becoming less common, because the reality is that more and more apps allow the use of several accounts associated with different phone numbers from the same mobile. But at one point it can be a useful thing and one more reason to use both SIMs.

Completely independent use

Best of all, these situations can be perfectly managed and customized from the phone’s settings. We can always choose a primary and a secondary SIM, customize the sounds of each of the SIMs, and somehow always know which one we are using at all times so as not to make mistakes when using them. No one but us will know that we have both lines on one phone, and that we don’t need two phones for it.