Who Deleted Me From Facebook: How To Find Out Who Deleted You From Their Friends

Who Deleted Me From Facebook: How To Find Out

Today social networks open many doors for us to get in touch with family, friends or acquaintances instantly. Being able to send him a message, See a photo of his / her last vacation and, although a bit cold, being able to know about him / her in a more updated way. But of course, you may not have seen anything new from one of your contacts for a while. Not a photo, video, or profile update. If this happens to you, the person may have stopped following you. To solve your doubts, today we explain how you can find out who is definitely no longer your friend on Facebook.

Who stopped following me: process from mobile

As you can imagine, there are different ways to know if someone has stopped following us on this social network. And, as the most common thing among all users is that we access from our smartphone, we want to start with the processes that we can follow from this.

The most reliable method of doing this is through your account activity log. It may seem a bit convoluted seen from the outside but, if you follow step by step what we will tell you next, it should not take you more than 2 minutes:

  • From your mobile phone, enter the Facebook app as you normally would.
  • Once here, click on the icon of the three horizontal lines that you will find in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • In this new screen, locate the “Settings and privacy” section and click on it. Then click on “Settings” again.
  • Now you will have to scroll down until you reach the section whose heading is “Your information” . This is where any type of news is stored, to call it in some way, that has to do with your account.
  • In this section, click on “Activity log” .
  • Slide between the different options again until you reach the “Connections” section. Here you will have to click on the side arrow to open the drop-down and access the “Added friends” section .

This last section collects all those users who have started to follow your account and who, of course, still do. If the person who wanted to know if they were following you is not on this list, they will have given you an unfollow.

Another option to know if someone has stopped following you on Facebook for the use of the Messenger service. Although we already warn you that it is not 100% reliable, but it makes a lot of sense.

As you already know, when we send a message to someone through this Facebook platform, a series of sending, receiving and reading confirmations are produced. Well, if a user has stopped following you and on some occasion you had spoken with him through Messenger, that conversation will remain intact.

If you know that, in your case, this is the case, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Enter the Messenger app.
  • Find the conversation with that person and access it.
  • Send him any text. Try to make it something meaningful in case that user finally answers you, of course.

When your message is sent, the check will automatically appear in gray indicating that that person has received the message. But of course, if he has stopped following you, it will never open it because it will not appear directly in his list of pending conversations in Messenger. If that check remains the same for hours or even days, you can be almost sure that said user gave you an unfollow.

However, if at any time the gray indicator appears with that person’s profile photo, this will confirm that they have entered the conversation and, therefore, you are still part of their list of friends.

Who deleted me from Facebook: process from the computer

Now, if you are not very fond of entering this social network through your mobile phone and you prefer to do it from your computer’s browser, we are going to explain the processes available from the browser.

And, the truth is that this is where we undoubtedly find the easiest way to know if someone has stopped following us. You just have to follow the following steps:

  • Log into your Facebook account as you normally would.
  • Access your profile by clicking on your photo that you can see in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • From here, on your wall, locate the “Friends” section that is right under your profile picture in the central bar.
  • Upon entering this section you will see, as you can imagine, a list of all the friends you have on Facebook. In the “Search” bar you have to write the name of that user who you have doubts about whether he is no longer your friend in this social network. And it would be.

The thing is that simple: if when looking for the name of this person you see their avatar, it is that they are still your friend. However, if it does not appear anywhere, that user has stopped following you and removed you from their list of friends on Facebook.

On the other hand, from the browser you will also be able to carry out the same logic with the Facebook Messenger service that we saw in the section from the mobile phone.

And, something very similar but with some slight difference, we can do with the activity record of our account. Follow the following steps through the browser:

  • Enter your Facebook account.
  • From any screen, click on the down arrow icon in the upper left corner to display the menu.
  • Click on the option “Settings and privacy” .
  • Now click on the new sub menu with the name “Activity log”.
  • In the new window to which we have been redirected you will have to display the “Connections” menu and, again as we did on the phone, click on “Friends added” .
  • Now you will only have to look for the name of that person that you do not know if he stopped following you.

One tip that you can follow when you are on a computer, since you do not have a search engine in this list, is to use the search shortcut that we find in all browsers and operating systems:

  • If you use a Windows computer: press the CONTROL + F buttons at the same time.
  • If you are using a Mac : press the CMD + F keys at the same time.

This will open a small window at the top of the screen in which, as a regular search engine, you will be able to locate a word in the text that is displayed on that website. If you write the name of that person here and it does not appear, you can be sure that they have stopped following you on Facebook.