Where is the best place to place PLC devices

PLC devices are very useful to improve Internet coverage at home. Basically they are two devices that connect to each other and can take the connection from one place to another in the house. However, choosing the right place to place them is essential to make them work well. In this article we are going to talk about it. We are going to explain where it is better to place the PLC devices and thus take better advantage of the signal they have and achieve a good speed.

Best locations for Wi-Fi PLCs

Where is the best place to place PLC devices

To choose the best location you must ask yourself where you are going to connect. A first step is to analyze where you are really going to connect and see how to optimize the connection so that it reaches that area, either through Ethernet cable or by connecting devices through wireless networks.

Close to where you are going to connect devices

The most basic thing is to place them close to where you are actually going to use them. In other words, if you need to connect in a room, the ideal is for the second PLC to be placed nearby, either in that same room or in another nearby place. This way you can connect wirelessly with better coverage or even use the Ethernet cable option.

If you plug it in an area where you are not going to take advantage of it, you will avoid squeezing the maximum performance it has. Therefore, choose well where you are going to place it so that the connection works as well as possible.

Away from other electronic devices

One thing to keep in mind is to keep PLC devices away from other electronic devices . In this way you will avoid them having interference and you will be able to connect them better, you will have fewer cuts and higher speed. For example, do not place it next to a television or any other appliance that may affect it.

The ideal is to avoid any interference that may be present. There are some devices that work on a frequency similar to Wi-Fi, such as Bluetooth or even a microwave, which use 2.4 GHz.

Better in an isolated plug

But something similar can happen with plugs. Never place the PLCs on a power strip or plug and next to it there is another with more connected devices. Always try to plug it into a power outlet that is as isolated as possible, as this will help you avoid interference and problems that may arise.

Precisely the type of plug you use is going to be key for PLCs, since the Internet connection is going to travel through the power line. Therefore avoid a plug in poor condition or connect it through a power strip that can cause problems.

If possible, on the same electrical circuit

If you want to make your Internet connection work better when using PLCs, you should ideally connect them on the same electrical circuit . What does this mean? A house is divided into different circuits, such as one for the kitchen, another for the bathroom, etc. Various devices are connected to them. That is why if there is a problem, a part of your home may lose power but the rest continues to work.

What you are going to do is try to connect the PLCs on the same electrical circuit. In this way there will be less loss and you will ensure that the Internet connection works as well as possible, with good speed and stability.

In short, by following these tips you can locate the PLC devices correctly. They are very useful devices to improve speed and have better coverage, but if you make a mistake when connecting them you can have problems. You can take into account some tips to improve the speed of PLCs.