WhatsApp Notifications: How to Get the Led Flash to Notify You

WhatsApp has long become the quintessential messaging app. So much so, that many users are highly dependent on the famous app. To the point of not being able to stay for a long time without looking at someone who has written or answered any of your messages. This means having to go picking up the phone, unlocking it and checking for new notifications. However, there is another much simpler way to know if we have new messages without having to walk unlock the phone. So you can make the led flash on your mobile phone notify you of new WhatsApp messages.

Today there are many models of smartphones that have an LED flash accompanying the phone’s camera. An element that allows us to capture images with a better result in low light situations and that, as we will show below, we can also make it notify us of WhatsApp notifications. Therefore, we will be able to know if we have new messages if the flash light blinks, so we do not have to unlock it to know that we have new messages.

whatsapp led notification

How to configure the led flash for mobile notifications

Both in Android and iPhone it is possible to configure the notifications of our messages and calls through the led flash of the device. However, depending on the version of the system, the options or settings may vary slightly.

In the case of Android, the usual thing is:

  • Let’s go to the system settings.
  • We select the Notifications option .
  • Depending on the version, we may have to enter More notification settings .
  • There we will find the switch to activate the led flash for notifications.

In the Apple environment, depending on the iOS version, the options may also change slightly. However, the normal is:

  • We enter into them settings or system configuration.
  • We select the General option .
  • Accessibility .
  • We activate the option Intermittent LED warnings . In other versions of iOS we may have to go to Audience> Visual and activate this option there.

From that moment, any WhatsApp message, SMS, application notifications, emails or calls that reach our phone will activate the mobile phone’s flash to notify us of all of them.

Activate led flash only for WhatsApp notifications

However, if what we want is for the led flash to notify us only of WhatsApp notifications, then we will have to use a third-party tool , since the system settings do not allow us to make this configuration. In this way, only when WhatsApp messages arrive will it be when the led light of the front flash of the camera of our phone flashes.

In the case of Android, we can find several apps that have been designed to offer this function, such as the Flash Notification for All App or Flash Notifications . Both apps are available for download and installation on Google Play from the links above.

Once installed on our phone we must proceed to configure each of the options they offer us. In the case of Flash Notifications, we can configure the flash to notify us of WhatsApp notifications when the mobile is silent, the screen is blocked or if we want them to be deactivated in pocket mode, for example.

In addition, in the event that our mobile does not have a front led flash, we can use the one of the main camera. Of course, it will only be activated if the mobile is upside down. Of course, with Flash Notifications it is possible to indicate in which applications we want the led flash to be activated. In this case, if we only want it to be for WhatsApp messages, we will have to exclude the rest from the settings.

In the case of Notification for All, the app also allows a lot of adjustments such as the type of flash, repetitions of ignition, how often or for which applications we want the led flash to notify us of notifications. If we want the led light to turn on when we receive a WhatsApp, we will have to activate the Notification App service and choose the messaging app so that the led flash flashes when we receive a WhatsApp.


Of course, our phone must have a led flash for it to work properly, although in the event that it does not, we can use the flash of the main camera on the back of the phone.

What if my mobile does not have a led flash?

The two apps mentioned above work for the front led flash of our device, but in case we do not have it, it will work with the flash of the main camera. Now, to be able to see the flashes of light, we will have to have the mobile face down or in a suitable position.

However, there is an app that even if we do not have a led flash on the mobile, it simulates the flash itself on the mobile screen. We refer to NotifyBuddy , available for Android devices on Google Play from this same link. Once installed, the first thing we have to do is accept the permissions so that you can access the phone notifications, activate the service and then go to the list of applications to activate WhatsApp notifications through it.


From the settings it is possible to choose the size of the led, the color and the frequency or time it will take to blink. It is also possible to choose the location of this led simulation on the screen so that it is visible wherever we want.