What’s New in Edge: Unique Password Generator and PDF Enhancements

The era of Internet Explorer is long gone. What’s more, the classic Microsoft browser will stop working with its own services from next year, which will make it go down in history for good. But the company has not given up in the fight to be the most used browser in the world. Despite the fact that Google Chrome has an advantage of 70%, Microsoft right now has its efforts in the new Edge Chromium, its renewed browser that, little by little, is bringing improvements of all kinds to try to overcome, once and for all all to Google.

Edge is for much more than just downloading Chrome or surfing on Windows. Last week we saw an interesting novelty that will reach the users of this browser very soon. This novelty, inherited from Internet Explorer, will allow us to execute any download without saving it on the computer, which is very useful, for example, to download programs and install them without saving the installer.

What's New in Edge

But this is not the only thing Microsoft is working on. What’s more, the company is working on a series of new features, which will come to Edge very soon, which will make users start to put Google Chrome aside and, little by little, start giving the new Edge a chance.

Window controls overlay: browser, extensions and more next to close button

Although it is still in a very early stage of development, Microsoft started working on an exciting new feature for its browser called ” Window Control Overlay “. The normal thing is to find, in the upper right bar of the window, the buttons to close, maximize and minimize the program. But it is rare to see other functions there.

Thanks to this novelty, Microsoft will allow developers to customize this area with other types of content. For example, you can easily add a search bar to search for items on a page, or on the Internet, as well as a counter for unread messages, notifications, etc.

It can even be configured so that some websites show certain information in this section. A new world of possibilities, still very green, that could open very soon.

Shortcut to open Edge in Private Mode

If you are one of those who usually use the Private Mode of browsers often, this novelty will interest you. Microsoft, as currently allows Google Chrome, will allow us to create a shortcut on the desktop to open the browser in Private Mode to be able to navigate without leaving a trace of identity.

This new option is still in the development phase and, although we can find it in the Canary version of Edge, we must activate the ” Turn on InPrivate Desktop Shortcut ” flag in order to use it.

Acceso directo Modo Privado Edge

Generate strong passwords in Edge to protect your identity

Currently, both Chrome and Firefox allow us to generate unique and secure passwords . This is very important as it helps us preserve our security on the network so that, if someone steals our password, it will be very difficult to break it or, if they do, only one website is compromised (instead of all our identity as with the reuse of passwords).

The new Edge , similar to how Chrome works, not only will allow us to fill in passwords automatically when we go to register on a website, but it will also save and synchronize said password with the cloud. In this way we will make sure not to lose or forget it.

Contraseñas seguras Edge

This new feature is now available to Edge Canary users, and will be coming to all other users very soon. Of course, in order to use this password generator it is necessary to have the automatic synchronization of our profile activated.

Index for PDFs

Have you ever imagined Windows with a default PDF viewer? But not a basic one, but one at the height of Adobe Acrobat Reader or SumatraPDF. Thanks to the new Edge Chromium, this is going to be a reality.

Since the new Edge Chromium 87, Microsoft’s browser is now able to read the tables of contents , or what is the same, the indexes, of PDFs. This new feature is in addition to the features that have recently been introduced in the browser, such as dark mode, text reading, the underline tool, smooth scrolling and, of course, digital signatures.

Lector PDF Edge Chromium

Thanks to this new Edge feature, the Windows 10 browser has become one of the best free programs to open PDF, one that is installed by default in Chrome.