What to give a Zelda fan for Christmas

What to give a Zelda fan for Christmas

Giving away at Christmas can become a really exhausting task. Sometimes we do not know many details about the tastes of the person to whom we are going to give a gift or we are afraid of giving something that that person already has. The solution is usually to make a gift that is as original as possible. Today we will show you the most interesting gifts you can make this Christmas if your friend or family member is a fan of The Legend of Zelda. We have made a fairly varied top so you can choose between clothing, accessories, merchandising or even electronic objects related to this well-known saga of Nintendo video games.

The best gifts we can give a fan of The Legend of Zelda

Triforce bedside light

This accessory is the light that every Link fan should have on their nightstand. It can also be placed on a shelf and give a little ambient light or simply be a decorative element. It can be powered by both AAA and USB batteries.

Ceramic ocarina

A good Zelda fan worth his salt knows how to play the ocarina like Link. And if not, it is never too late to learn.

This ceramic model has 12 slots, is made of ceramic with blue enamel and has a great finish, as well as a magnificent sound quality . It also comes with its own sheet music booklet for us to play a few songs. It can be used simply as a decorative element, but it is fully functional.

Game & Watch Legend of Zelda

Game & Watch Zelda

One of the most exclusive gifts that can be made this Christmas is the recently released Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda . It is a retro-style console that includes the three classic games of the series. It is a limited edition that has been launched on the occasion of the franchise’s birthday. It won’t last long, so as soon as it’s finished shipping, it may become a collector’s item .

Urban Backwoods Hoodie

This blue sweatshirt contrasts nicely with the gold triforce logo. It is available in sizes from S to XXL and is made of cotton (80%) and polyester (20%).

Legend of Zelda metallic water bottle

Metal bottles have come back into fashion in recent years. In this case, this stainless steel half-liter bottle is a gift that any fan of The Legend of Zelda can fall in love with. It has a really spectacular design , with a type of drawing that seems to be done by hand.

Triforce Cufflinks

One of the common goals of every self-respecting geek is to go to a wedding (or even get married) wearing cufflinks from the franchise they like the most. By giving this pair of cufflinks , you will be making it easier for someone to fulfill their dream.

Skyward Sword Joy-Con set

Another very attractive gift if your friend or family member is a fan of Zelda can be the new Joy-Con set for Nintendo Switch with the customization of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Triforce cap

This green cap with the embroidered Zelda logo can be used both to decorate and to dress like a true fan of the Nintendo saga. In the description it says it is for children, but the truth is that it is a unisex size for adults. The materials are well selected and the finish of the cap is of high quality .

Zelda Pixel Paintings

Cuadros Pixel - Zelda

In the Pixel Paintings store you can find a good collection of laser-cut and hand-assembled artisan paintings recreating different scenes from Zelda. Perfect for decorating the wall (or bookshelf) of any fan proud of their love of the franchise. And they are also with a discount. Take advantage of.

Music Box

Finally, this decorative box can be a real detail if we have to make a gift to a Zelda fan in an invisible friend, for example. It is a small wooden box that will play the melody of The Legend of Zelda when we turn the crank. There are several models depending on the melody we are looking for. It is a really original gift.