Choose your next Linux thanks to the advantages of virtual machines

Most desktops are based on a Microsoft Windows operating system. But that does not mean that this is the only alternative we can use. We say this because the different Linux distributions that we can draw on each time represent a more interesting and useful proposal.

A good part of this that we are commenting on is given thanks to the facilities that the developers of these distributions offer us. By these we mean that these open source systems are increasingly accessible to all types of users, even the newest. Hence, a good part of those who reject the use of Microsoft software, choose to give an open source system a chance.

Choose your next Linux

Once this decision that we are commenting on has been made, we must also opt for one of the many options available. There are more complex distros than others, we can also find some had to say to give a second life to the PC , focused on leisure, the use of networks, etc. That is why making the most correct decision when choosing an alternative of this type or another is sometimes not easy. Nor can we get to install our preselected distributions one by one on the computer. The truth is that this can be quite a tedious task.

But we can always opt for a much more effective and faster solution that will be of great help to us. For those of you who do not know it, in Windows we can install a type of program called virtual machines that will surely surprise you. This type of program in particular is becoming more and more used and popular in all types of environments, both professional and domestic.

Advantages of running Linux in a virtual machine

These software solutions in virtual forms have a multitude of uses, but one of the most widespread is to install all kinds of operating systems to test them. This is a much faster and safer method than doing a clean install on your computer. The reason for this is that we load the ISO image of the system in the virtual machine in which we use and test it within the original operating system.

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Therefore, as you can imagine, this is an excellent solution to test various Linux distributions in minutes to choose the one that interests us the most. And not only that, but also everything we do in that Linux distribution loaded in the virtual machine, will not affect the original system, in this case Windows. This means that, if for any reason we damage the virtualized system, we only have to turn off the virtual machine and reload it from scratch.

As you can imagine, this allows us to carry out all kinds of functional and security tests related to this operating system. In this way and without anything affecting the base system, we can put that Linux distribution that we will use in the future to the limit, all without worrying about it being damaged. At the same time we will have the possibility of carrying out all kinds of experiments for example from Terminal . This will allow us to check if that distro really suits the needs we have at that moment.