What to give a Fortnite fan for Christmas

What to give a Fortnite fan for Christmas

Fortnite is a mass phenomenon that has marked a before and after in the history of the video game. It went from being just another game to being the focus of attention thanks to its fun Battle Royale system and later gained even more popularity thanks to the creativity and design of the video game, as well as its elaborate lore . It is not difficult to find a fan of this video game, as they number in the millions. If you are looking for a gift for a Fortnite fan , these are some of the most interesting proposals we have found:

Hasbro Gaming-Fortnite Jenga Fornite

Jenga is a classic among board games, but the Fortnite version can be even more fun. The tower has three different parts, with the three materials that we usually use in the video game (wood, brick and metal). Each turn, we will have to spin a wheel , which will tell us what material to remove from the tower and how many levels our character must climb. If a player throws the tower, he loses, but the one who manages to take his character to the top also wins.

Fortnite socks

Christmas, that time of cold, illusion, family … And socks! Is it possible to survive a Christmas period without getting a free pair of socks? It is the typical easy gift that everyone needs, and that forms the trident together with the scarf and the wool hat.

Well, these socks have the design of various stickers from the video game and are thick enough to be worn with winter boots.


This simple sweatshirt is available in every size you can imagine. You can also choose between the 6 available colors, although we really liked this azure blue model.

Fortnite Drawstring Bag

It is the typical basic backpack to go to the beach, the pool, the field or even go out to do sports. There are several models with different characters, and this time we have chosen the Skull Trooper .

Joy-Cons Fortnite Edition

A new set of Joy-Con controllers for Nintendo Switch never hurt, and less if they are from the Fortnite edition. In addition to a very cool Banana design , the kit includes a code to exchange for 500 in-game V-Bucks , which we can exchange for any skin in the store.

Monopoly Fortnite

Fortnite has many points in common with Monopoly, and Hasbro has not missed the opportunity to make a unique game . The Fortnite edition of Monopoly changes some mechanics , such as, for example, money becomes the health of our character. You will also have to flee the storm in a new mechanic that differs from the traditional game of finance.

Robe to be at home

This robe is available in two designs and will prevent you from being defeated by the cold of the storm in these winter months. It is quite cozy and soft. It is also available in various sizes .