Best games of being God and creating worlds: PC and console

Best games of being God

Video games allow us to be everything we want, and what is more preferable than being a god? Now that you have a choice, it is better to fantasize about being omnipotent and, above all, having the ability to make life impossible for people. If you’ve always wanted to create your own world, let everyone adore you and shape reality and destiny, we bring you the best God games in which you can play to be a god .

We gamers compensate for the fragility of our ego by having it enormously, as big as a god, because that is what you are going to be able to embody in these games that we bring you today.

Unleash your power fantasy, which we start with …

Worldbox, the best god simulator

It is not bad to start giving this overwhelming opinion, but it is that, without a doubt, it is the game that best captures right now the essence of being God and everything you can do with it.

Which is basically anything, except playing it on the console , since it is only for PC and mobiles.

In this game you are a god capable of creating or destroying the world at will . And, when you think of being divine, you think of the infinite freedom to do what you want and this sandbox captures that very well.

The level of simulation is really deep and, as gods that we are, we will observe the emergence of civilizations and empires, being able to help them, ignore them or send them seven plagues just because. All very pixelated and retro, but for me, that just adds to the charm.

Full control , infinite possibilities, no microtransactions, very active developers (who keep the game interesting with a multitude of new features) and a community of players that is the envy of other well-known titles. Little more could be asked for.

Without a doubt, our choice if you really want to feel what an omnipotent being must be, with the fate of the whole world in his hands.

From Dust, the multi-award winning god simulator

From Dust, a work of art

If you prefer more modern graphics, with a very original and spectacular design , From Dust is our next choice in games in which you will pretend to be god.

Also, this time, you will also have it for console and, as the game is already 10 years old (it is from 2011), you will not have a problem if you have a Play 3, for example.

In this multi-award-winning title, you control the environment in which a primitive tribe moves and develops. And you will have to help them, because the wild nature does not agree so much that these humans evolve enough to fill it with plastic in the future.

Luckily, as you embody a God, you can influence what happens and stop eruptions and floods across 13 different territories in story mode, along with 30 additional maps in challenge mode.

It’s not as deep as WorldBox, but it doesn’t need to be either, and there are lots of ways to get through each level, which makes it very creative. Insist that we love your graphic design, seriously. Don’t be fooled by the age of the game, it is a small work of art.

The Universim, planet and god simulator

Manage a kingdom, a colony or a nation? That’s for amateurs. Better to simulate an entire planet in which humanity develops from the moment it comes down from the tree until it puts WiFi on the toasters for some reason that escapes us.

With Universim, a game that started on Kickstarter, we can take control of that planet.

We are the gods who observe the development of our worshipers from above , being able to influence for good, for bad (because it is clear that they deserve a punishment) or letting everything run itself towards disaster, as in real life.

Available only for PC , it is ideal for all those who always wanted to be able to send a natural disaster from time to time.

Crest, god and the commandments

Crest a very curious god game

Crest is a very curious game in which you are god and you act, literally, writing commandments . The funny thing is, those damn humans have a damn mania for possessing damn free will. So what you write can be interpreted in many ways , especially all those that you did not expect.

That is, again as in reality.

With survival game elements and a low poly aesthetic that gives it a very curious charm, you can find it on Steam for PC, but be careful, it is not in Spanish , nor is it for the console. It seems that those gadgets are more atheistic and pagan.

Reus, giants and gods

Reus is an independent game in which we handle a series of 4 giants with so much power that they are capable of modifying nature, providing resources (animals, plants and minerals), creating life and even playing genetic engineering.

Set in a cute and colorful 2D world , the most interesting thing about the game is that, once again, the free will of those who adore you gets in the way and upsets everything.

Thus, even if you are the most benevolent god in the world, if you shower your followers with many resources and goods, they can become greedy and start fighting and doing evil anyway.

That is, you are not directly responsible for the disaster if it occurs and your intentions were good. You want not, it is a break for the conscience, if there is a gamer who still has something like that.

As a curiosity, you can play this on both PC and console .

The Black & White series, by Peter Molyneux

Black and White by Peter Molyneux

You can’t talk about games where you can be God without the name Peter Molyneux coming up . He is the creator of the original god sim, Populous , whose cover art for part two illustrates the heading of this article and I well enjoyed it on my old first PC when the 90’s poked its nose.

The Populous series has had a few incarnations (and follow-up rumors that, sadly, haven’t come true yet), leading up to Populous: The beginning , the final title from 1998, more like an RTS than a god simulator. original.

The Populous game, pioneer of God Games

So, to close this list as it deserves, we have to also talk about the Black & White series , Molyneux’s other foray into the simulations of gods, with a different approach than Populous .

This title is no less than 20 years old and is only for PC . In it, you are a newborn deity with a huge pet that you can choose from (cow, lion, monkey, tiger or wolf).

On a plus point, the game’s AI is pretty good and it doesn’t penalize whether you’re a kind or evil god, you can be successful with both approaches.

On the contrary, that it cannot be bought anymore (although you may find it on an abandonware site if you look for it) and that, perhaps, the player does not have much direct control over the game.

As you can see, God Games options are not lacking if you want to be what you always longed for, a humble almighty god who unleashes his anger against everyone. Because let’s face it, in all these games you’re always touching the send button for some plague or disaster. The other is not funny.