What to do if error 0x8024d009 appears when updating Windows

Keeping systems up-to-date is very important to avoid many security problems and achieve good performance. However, sometimes we find errors when installing updates. This can happen for many different reasons and they do not always depend on us. In this article we are going to talk about the error 0x8024D009 that appears when updating Windows. We are going to explain why it happens and what we can do to fix it.

Why the error 0x8024D009 appears

error 0x8024d009 appears when updating Windows

If you encounter error 0x8024D009 when trying to update Windows to a new version, you should know that there are several reasons. One of the most frequent is that there is a corrupt file on the system. This prevents updating properly and ends in the process getting caught.

It can also happen that there is an update pending and that it did not finish correctly. In this way, the installation of the following files cannot be carried out, even if they are more recent. This can happen if, for example, we ran out of Internet when the computer was downloading files.

But the last thing we mentioned, the fact that the connection fails , may be the direct cause why at that moment Windows throws us the error 0x8024D009 when updating the system. If we run out of Internet, even momentarily, we will not be able to download the files correctly and these errors will appear.

On the other hand, malware could be the cause of the problem. If we have installed a program recently or have downloaded a file, it may contain a virus that is damaging the system and prevents us from updating it correctly. It is a common thing when similar failures arise.

Steps to avoid failure

So what can we do to fix the error 0x8024D009 so that Windows can update properly? We are going to see a series of steps that we must take to install the files without problems and that the Microsoft operating system has the latest version. This is very important for it to work well and also to keep it safe.

Scan corrupted files on the system

The first thing we must do is analyze possible corrupt files on the system. This can prevent some processes from starting normally, such as Windows Update to update your computer. It could be the cause of the 0x8024D009 error and we need to check for it.

We have to go to Start, enter the Command Prompt and execute the command sfc / scannow . This will scan the system for any corrupted files and fix them if necessary for it to function properly.

Check previous updates

This step is very simple, but we must do it. It simply consists of verifying that there is no file that has been pending in a previous update . To do this we have to go to Start, we go into Settings, we go to Update and security and see if there has been a problem with an update.

If so, we should install everything there is so that Windows can have the latest version without problems. A conflict can be generated if there are any pending files and hence these types of errors appear.

Actualizar Windows

Check that the connection is correct

Is the Internet connection good or do we have small cuts or bad coverage ? Especially we must observe this point if we connect via Wi-Fi, since sometimes the stability is not the best and we can have a sudden loss of speed that limits file downloads.

If the Internet connection drops while downloading an update, even for just a moment, it can cause errors such as 0x8024D009. What we can do if we notice that the speed is not good or that there may be small cuts, is to connect by cable when we go to update Windows.

Also, as an alternative, we can approach the Wi-Fi router or even use devices such as PLCs, repeaters or Mesh systems that help us improve coverage and have greater speed and stability wirelessly.

Pass the antivirus

A virus could be the cause of these Windows update problems. Therefore, our advice is to use a good antivirus and scan your computer for threats. We can use Windows Defender or any other guarantee program, such as Avast or Bitdefender.

Especially when installing a program recently, such as a browser extension, we could be getting a virus without realizing it in Windows. This will affect performance, but it can also crash some processes, such as the update process.

Run the troubleshooter

We can try the Windows troubleshooter to show us what the error may be and fix it. To do this, we must go to Start again, enter Settings, Update and security and there we click on Troubleshooter, which appears in the menu on the left.

This process will analyze possible errors that may be in the system. It is very useful especially to detect what may be the cause of failures of this type and to be able to take measures so that everything works well.

Restore the system to a previous point

Another step we can take to solve the error 0x8024D009 is to restore the system to a previous point where it was working correctly. This is very useful if, for example, a previous update has failed and from then on it has made it not work well. Also if we have installed a program or have configured something and from that moment is when this problem appears.

We have to go to Start, we look for Create a restore point and we open it. You have to click on System Restore. It will show us a recommended restore point, but we can choose any other that interests us. Later we restart the system and our computer will be as it was at that time.

Restaurar sistema a un punto anterior

In short, whenever you come across error 0x8024D009 when trying to update Windows, you should know that it may be due to different causes. The normal thing is that it is a corrupt file or some failure in a previous process of the update. We have explained the different steps we must take to solve it.