How to answer automatically on WhatsApp: Automatic answering machine

We use WhatsApp to talk to all kinds of people but we don’t always have time to respond when they write to us. Even so, we are fortunate to use tools to automatically reply on WhatsApp when we are busy or if what we are going to say is repeated continuously in all conversations.

There are several options to configure automatic responses or to respond without picking up the mobile phone, but it will depend on the version of WhatsApp you have. Quick or automatic responses are available in WhatsApp business if you have a business account but not in the normal version for other users. On the other hand, in the next few paragraphs we will see that there are applications that allow us to do it but it will involve using third-party tools … We see all the possible options, how to do it and what possibilities there are.

answer automatically on WhatsApp: Automatic answering machine

Quick responses on WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp allows us to configure quick and personalized responses according to the message we receive . But only in the Business version. Only for companies. We can record messages and responses for when a customer asks us the schedule, for example, or asks us when a product arrives. We can set up quick responses that indicate when new stock arrives or when is the home delivery schedule, how much the shipping costs are worth, etc.

Quick responses have conditions: a maximum of 50 quick responses associated with each WhatsApp Business account and can include text messages but can also include multimedia files such as photos, videos or GIFs. They can be the answers that are repeated the most and we can add them from the settings so that we do not have to answer the same thing every day several times.

  • Go to the menu button of the WhatsApp application
  • Click on Settings and Company Settings
  • Go to the Quick responses option
  • Click on Add (+) to create the one you want

Once here, we fill in the three fields. We must fill in the field of the message that we want to reply, entering text or the multimedia file that you want to add. In addition, we must write the shortcut that we want to use: a word or character that will allow us to add the automatic message. And finally, type in the keyword for the quick response, which you will then use to easily find it when you want to submit that response. We can add up to three different keywords with a maximum of 15 characters each and it will allow us to find the quick answer used.

Once we have it, we confirm by touching ” save “.


When we are going to use the response, the steps are very simple: we open a chat, touch the message icon and type /… to send the response. All quick responses will be displayed and you must choose the one you want. Finally, edit the message or tap on the “send” icon as we always do.

If a quick response does not work, WhatsApp explains on its help website that you must comply with a series of formatting rules. Make sure you comply with them:

  • All shortcuts start with /
  • Quick response shortcut character limit is 25
  • There is a maximum of 50 quick responses per account
  • Shortcuts must not include spaces
  • You cannot have more than three keywords
  • Keywords cannot have spaces
  • Keywords cannot have non-alphanumeric characters
  • The character limit for each keyword is 15.

Other tools: welcome or absence message

In addition, the Business version of WhatsApp also allows us to configure absence messages or welcome messages , which are not responses as such but are a kind of automatic answering machine that we can configure to say when we return or to say hello to new customers . Both can be configured from the application, in the Business settings. In the case of welcome messages, we can follow these steps.

  • Go to the Menu button and Settings
  • Choose the Company Settings option
  • Check the Welcome message option
  • Activate the button
  • Tap on the message to edit what we want to put
  • Choose from the list of recipients to be sent
    • Everyone
    • Those who are not in the contact book
    • All except …
    • Send only to …
  • All in SAVE


Use third party tools

This is a function that still does not always allow the app, nor do we know if it will ever be included in the application for everyone and not only in companies, so for this we will have to use third-party tools. It is possible that at some point you have heard of certain applications that allow you to send automatic responses on WhatsApp, but many of them are paid and others are no longer available in the official stores.


As its name suggests, WhatsAuto has been developed primarily to offer users to send automatic responses on WhatsApp when we are driving. Although it can also be used at any time that we cannot or do not want to answer WhatsApp messages because we are busy, in a meeting or simply want to disconnect for a while.

The application is very complete , since it offers the possibility to choose between several predefined automatic responses , create your own responses based on the message we receive, send automatic responses to certain contacts or to all , if we want to respond automatically continuously, with a time of delay or only reply once to the same person.

As soon as WhatsAuto is installed on the mobile, we will see that it has a switch to activate or deactivate the application, a series of predefined texts to send automatic responses on WhatsApp and an edit button if we want to customize our responses. In that case, we can also customize the responses based on the messages received.

By default, our messages will have the title of Automatic reply, but from the configuration options we can prevent this tag from being shown in our automatic replies on WhatsApp. To do this, just go to Settings from the menu button and check the Delete automatic reply box. From the Contacts tab, we can indicate if we want to send automatic responses on WhatsApp to all contacts, only to my contact list or to all except those included in my contact list, which I can customize to my liking.

With everything configured to our liking, the moment we get into the car , a meeting or simply want to disconnect from everything, we just have to activate the application and automatic responses will begin to be sent on WhatsApp depending on our configuration.

AutoResponder for WhatsApp

Another tool that allows something similar is Autoresponder for WhatsApp. It is also free and is one of the classics that we find in the Google Play Store to create unlimited rules if we want an answering machine for the messaging application. It does not access all of our chats so our privacy is not at risk. We just have to give you access to notifications and the function to automatically respond from said application.

We can create a rule in which we write a reply message and choose a series of settings: to specific individuals or groups, to specific contacts, which contacts you want to ignore or at what specific times you want to put this answering machine. For example, if you are sleeping or simply if you are working or in a meeting.


There is also a paid version that allows us other options such as choosing multiple answers in each rule or that allows us to choose how many seconds will pass between our first answering message and the following.