What really makes the Apple glasses different

Apple‘s revolutionary Vision Pro introduces an exceptional platform that ushers in a realm of boundless possibilities. Diverging from conventional offerings in the market, these glasses transcend the ordinary. Dubbed a “space computer” by Apple, the Vision Pro transcends the limitations of traditional eyewear. In this article, we will explore the extraordinary features and capabilities that distinguish this product from its counterparts.

Reality to your liking and without isolating yourself from the world


Throughout the years, virtual reality has transported us to alternate realms, immersing us completely in captivating experiences that detach us from our immediate environment. We are consumed by virtual landscapes, often oblivious to the real world unless we remove our headsets.

In contrast, augmented reality has offered a partial overlay of digital objects onto our physical surroundings through screens, presenting a fragmented integration of virtual elements. However, Apple’s Vision Pro has redefined these paradigms entirely:

With the Vision Pro, we possess the ability to control our immersion level, maintaining a continuous connection with the tangible reality that envelops us.
Rather than constructing an entirely new digital universe, the Vision Pro leverages our existing reality as a canvas for projecting virtual functionalities, seamlessly integrating them with our environment.
This convergence of augmented reality and virtual reality births a novel concept—mixed reality.

In essence, the Apple Vision Pro introduces a transformative shift by erasing the boundaries between augmented and virtual reality, resulting in a captivating and immersive experience known as mixed reality.


We take command, literally

In previous iterations of headsets, our interaction with virtual environments relied heavily on external peripherals and sensors, limiting our mobility within the interface. This constraint has been a significant drawback thus far.

However, the Apple Vision Pro, with its “mixed reality” capabilities and an array of advanced sensors, shatters these limitations. With this groundbreaking device, we can now interact seamlessly using our hands and eyes, allowing for a fully immersive and natural experience. Gone are the days of purchasing additional accessories for navigation; all gestures we’ve grown accustomed to on Macs, iPhones, and iPads can now be performed right in front of us.


Moreover, there is no longer a need to set up room sensors or confine our interactions to specific spaces. The Vision Pro liberates us from these constraints, eliminating the dependence on a connected computer to handle computational tasks.

Metaverse, where are you, can’t I see you?

During 2021 and 2022, the term “Metaverse” gained significant attention. The idea of creating an alternate universe to inhabit through virtual reality glasses and constructing a new digital environment captured the imagination, but eventually lost momentum. Now, Apple appears to deliver a decisive blow to this philosophy.

Apple’s approach stands in stark contrast to companies like Meta, as it focuses on leveraging tangible reality to enhance digital capabilities. The Vision Pro, as demonstrated in its unveiling, functions as a spatial computer that utilizes our physical space without aiming to occupy or replace it. The concept of a Metaverse seems absent in this device and is not anticipated to be a central feature.

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