What Maintenance to Do to Keep Windows 10 Clean and Optimized

When we buy a new computer, or install Windows from scratch , the computer works perfectly, without errors and very fast. However, with the passage of time that fluidity is lost, and errors begin to appear. When this happens, the only way out is usually formatting. However, proper maintenance will save us all these problems and ensure that the PC works perfectly, like the first day.

To avoid having to format the computer from time to time, we are going to give you a series of tips with which we can perform maintenance on our computer . This will ensure the best performance and avoid problems.

Maintenance to Do to Windows 10 to Keep It Clean and Optimized

Uninstall unnecessary programs

With the passage of time we have surely installed programs that we have only used once, and even that we have never used. These programs not only take up space on the hard disk, but, by having their own processes and services running, they consume resources and make the PC go slow.

Therefore, if we want to make sure that our computer works in the best possible way, it is necessary to review all the software installed on the PC and delete everything that we do not need and do not use.

Desinstalar aplicaciones

Update the whole PC

If we want our computer to work without problems, it is necessary, first of all, to have everything updated. It is not worth updating only Windows or only the browser, the more up-to-date we have the PC, the less problems we will have in the short and long term.

Update Windows

The first thing we must update every month is Windows . Microsoft‘s operating system releases a new patch every second Tuesday of the month that fixes security flaws and errors that cause the system to malfunction. These patches are essential, a must-install for all OS users. In addition, we will also find optional quality updates, which we can install or not, by the end of the month. These updates will be included in the required patches for the following month, so we do not have to worry about them.

In addition, we must also make sure that we have a supported version of Windows 10, and if not, update to the latest version.

Actualizaciones pendientes de Windows Update

Update Drivers

The drivers, or drivers, are those small programs necessary for Windows to recognize and use the PC hardware. Many of the drivers are automatically updated through Windows Update, but if we really want to keep our entire PC up to date, it is advisable to resort to professional software, such as IObit Driver Booster, which allows us to analyze the PC and download the latest versions of all the drivers. .

Update programs

Finally, we must also try to have the latest version of the programs that we have installed on the PC. Not only the main ones, like Chrome or VLC, but all the programs that we have installed, whether we use them or not. Updates, in addition to correcting errors and improving its operation, can also correct vulnerabilities, so by having all the software up to date, we make sure not to take unnecessary risks.

We can update Windows programs by hand, or use specialized software such as SUMo .

Clear Windows cache and temporary files

As we use the computer and the programs, they accumulate a large number of cache and temporary files, files that in the long run take up a lot of space on the hard disk and, in addition, make the whole PC slow down. Therefore, deleting all these files is one of the most essential tasks that we can carry out on the PC.

Windows 10 has its storage sensor , a native tool that allows us to analyze and clean the operating system safely, without depending on other “cleaners” that can give us more of a headache, as with CCleaner. In addition, we must also clean the cache, cookies and temporary data of browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.), as well as other programs, such as the Spotify cache, which can occupy up to 10 GB of space in the disc.

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Search for viruses in Windows

If we surf the Internet a lot, and especially if we download files, it is possible that a virus has crept into our computer. It is not necessary that it has infected our PC, but it may be there, latent, waiting to be executed to do its thing.

Although the antivirus of our computer is usually constantly analyzing the files on the disk and everything that is running, it never hurts to perform a scan of the PC by hand to make sure that, indeed, we are clean.

Examen completo Defender

Other maintenance tasks

In addition to all the above, we can also take advantage of the fact that we are performing maintenance on the PC to perform other tasks. For example, although it is not normally recommended, with the appropriate program we can clean and defragment the Windows registry . In this way, we will remove all unnecessary entries and junk so that Windows does not waste time reading them.

We can also use it to defragment our hard drives and optimize the SSDs. In this way, we will gain some performance and Windows will run faster.