What limitations does the Raspberry Pi have?

Raspberry Pi is an incredibly powerful board with which we can develop countless useful projects and it has become the perfect ally to learn programming in an affordable way for both adults and children. Its versatility makes it an affordable microcomputer that fits in the palm of the hand that allows us all kinds of uses, but it also has limitations.

The possibilities offered by the Raspberry Pi are really high. One of the keys is to choose the operating system that is adapted to the use we want to give the Raspberry Pi, since each one is focused on functions as diverse as creating a robot, a retro console or controlling the energy consumption of our home.

What limitations does the Raspberry Pi have

Weaknesses of the Raspberry Pi

If you have just started in the maker world by buying a Raspberry Pi, it is essential that you know that, although it is a very versatile board that allows you to develop almost any project, it also has its limitations or weak points that you have to take into account before starting to work. with her.

Storage capacity

Buying a microSD card is practically essential to expand the capacity of a Raspberry Pi. One option would be to use a U3 microSD card which provides a lot of flexibility when running any operating system or application smoothly. At the end of the day, you have to keep in mind that the operating system with which you are going to work will be in the microSD and selecting a slow model will make your Raspberry Pi work slowly. To overcome the storage limitations of the board, you can also connect the board to a NAS drive through an Ethernet port or connect an external drive through the USB ports with an adapter.

Protect the plate

Raspberry Pi housings make the microcomputer protected and not damaged. Leaving the board and components unprotected, you run the risk of getting dust and dirt, and it is very likely that dirt will end up taking a toll on them. In addition, a case also becomes an original way to give this little plate personality.

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Need for food

The Raspberry Pi does not contain built-in power supplies. As a general rule, a higher milliamp (mA) rating than necessary should be given, since the additional amperage can prevent the board from restarting when we add accessories and external circuits. Insufficient power supply could damage the Raspberry Pi or the micro SD card.


Unlike a desktop computer, when something goes wrong while using the Raspberry Pi we don’t have the possibility to do Ctrl + Alt + Delete to reset it. On the other hand, it is inevitable that the Raspberry Pi will crash at some point while we experiment with it to create new projects. This is usually a problem, but there are ways to deal with it. A good option is to get a power cord with on-off switch integrated.

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Despite the limitations that a Raspberry Pi may have, the wide community of people who use it makes it easy to find solutions to most limitations. Taking advantage of the abundance of suggestions and advice from the community, solutions can be obtained by doing a simple search in the browser or in any group or forum of makers.