What is the Recovery Mode on Android Mobiles For?

In the Android operating system there are some terms that we may not fully understand, but if we analyze them, we would realize their importance. One of these functions that not everyone knows today is the Recovery Mode that our mobile device has. But is it really important?

The mobiles unfortunately are still not perfect, so they will give us various failures and sometimes even, we will realize that without these functions we would end up without a terminal. So, next, we will explain what recovery consists of and, above all, how knowing about its existence can help us.

What is Recovery Mode

For those users who do not know the recovery, it is a partition or part of the memory, in which a recovery program for Android phones has been installed. That is, they give us a good alternative to start our terminal if it happens that it does not do so normally. Therefore, as its name suggests, this function helps us to recover the operating system of our Smartphone at any time, as long as a problem occurs that prevents its usual execution.

Recovery en Nexus 5X

Also, be aware that all Android mobile devices have this recovery mode as standard. However, the way to access it could vary somewhat between the brands of terminals, although it is usual that it can be accessed in a similar way on most phones. Later, we will tell you how in some models you have to press different keys, varying between the volume up key and the power key for a few seconds. While, in other terminals, you will have to press and hold other buttons on the mobile.

In fact, there are currently two types. On the one hand, we find the recovery mode that is installed by default on our mobile, while we can also find the recovery modes that have been developed by different people. In addition, the main recovery problem that our terminal has as standard is that it has some other limitation. What causes many users to opt for custom recovery, although for this, we will have to do a ROOT to our terminal.

How to access with our smartphone

To be able to enter the recovery mode we will have to follow a series of steps and perform a combination of buttons. Next, we will show you the steps that you must follow depending on the brand of mobile device you have. So it is possible that these combinations may vary in some small way. Since there are manufacturers that, depending on the model, use one combination or another , with which we will have to be testing to find it.

Modo de recuperación Mi A2

Although before starting, we must have our terminal turned off, and then carry out the following steps:

  • Samsung : depending on the model, it will be holding down the volume up + Home buttons + the power button at the same time. In Samsung without Home button, you will only have to press the volume up button + power button until the Samsung symbol is displayed.
  • Xiaomi : we will have to press the power button and the volume up button simultaneously while the mobile is restarting. After this, a menu will appear with 3 options among which we will find the recovery mode.
  • Nexus, Motorola and other models : press and hold the volume down button + the power button until the device turns on. When their respective logos appear, they will have to stop pressing these buttons.
  • HTC and other models : you will have to press and hold the volume buttons + the power button until the device turns on. As soon as the symbol of the respective terminal brand appears, the buttons must be released immediately.
  • BQ and other models : press and hold the volume up button + the power button until the device turns on.
  • Sony : when you have the mobile off, you must press and hold the volume up button + the power button. The moment the phone vibrates to turn on, we will have to release the power button while still pressing the volume button for at least 10 more.

recovery android

In other devices, different steps will have to be taken, such as:

  • We will have to press the volume down button several times to select the ” Recovery mode ” option.
  • If the previous option did not work for you, try pressing the power button to restart the device in recovery mode. An image of an Android will appear with a red exclamation point and the words “No commands.”
  • And as a third alternative, we will have to hold down the power button and press the button to increase the volume once.

What will recovery do for us?

The recovery mode will help us in different moments of real need, so it should be borne in mind that it should not be used lightly. It will serve us for different options, but we must bear in mind that it could delete all the content that we have on our mobile.

Modo recovery Android

However, this Android function will be of interest to us in the event that we need to fix any of the following problems:

  • The mobile screen is not responding.
  • The smartphone has been locked, and it does not allow to restart it.
  • An Android update was stuck while installing.
  • Restarting the mobile does not solve the problem of the crash.
  • The mobile device slows down or crashes very frequently.
  • A firmware update has been stuck.
  • Some type of malware or virus has crept into our mobile.

In addition, it is always advisable to make a backup copy of the data of our mobile in case it happens that when doing the recovery they are erased. Although the most normal thing is that nothing happens, but it is a good additional security measure that never hurts.