What Is Excel Template and How to Use It

In a world as fast as we live in, it is common for us to need small help to meet all our goals. A very common method to organize and automate our daily tasks is to use spreadsheets. And without a doubt there is no better program for it than the already veteran Microsoft Excel.

Excel spreadsheets can be used for countless projects, from planning your weekly tasks and keeping track of your company's expenses to creating budgets or automated databases. However, Excel is not a simple program to use and for many it is completely inaccessible.

Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel

For these types of situations, we have Excel templates. These are ideal for not wasting time programming the functions we want; however, it is not so easy to find them. In today's article we will share with you what we consider the best Excel templates. We hope they help you!

What are Excel templates for?

As we have already told you, Excel templates are an excellent method to plan your tasks, increase performance in your work or simply have control over any type of data you want. All this without the need to have previous knowledge with the program.

And although Microsoft Excel is a powerful database, it is not easy to use. That is why most users prefer to search Google for an already created template and import it directly into the program.

What kind of Excel templates exist?

You will find Excel templates for any type of task; the only indispensable thing is that this can be done through data in a spreadsheet. The most common templates are those related to weekly and monthly planning tasks, Gantt charts, the creation of customer databases, annual budgets and, of course, sheets to control the cash flow of a business.

Excel Templates
Excel Templates

However, there are Excel templates of all kinds and you will find topics as varied as databases to control your body weight, results of your fitness sessions, progress in the amount of reading hours you dedicate per day, etc.

How to import an Excel template?

Using an already created Excel template is very simple. First, it will be necessary for you to find the one you want to use to later download it to your computer.

Once this is done, double click on the downloaded template file and Excel will automatically import it into the program. To find the template simply click on the "File" option, select "New" and click on the template you just imported into Excel.