What is Alexa Drop In and how to activate it?

The virtual assistant Alexa has made life easier for its users. In case of having an Echo device, we can order practically any electronic task, such as putting on the song we want, asking a question about contemporary history or telling us if it’s hot outside. On the other hand, one of its most useful functions is Alexa Drop In, which allows us to communicate between Amazon Echo speakers inside our house or with other users outside of it.

Drop In is an optional feature, so not all users have it enabled and many others don’t even know about it. With this function you can call other Echo devices inside your house or also outside it , such as an acquaintance who lives on the other side of the world. It is especially useful since it frees your hands, because you will speak through the speaker without having to hold it, the main advantage of these devices.

What is Alexa Drop In and how to activate it

When you start a conversation using Drop In, the indicator light on your Echo flashes green. So you automatically connect with your contact or between household devices, as if it were an intercom. Drop In allows two-way calls, but also to have a group conversation with all household devices if you have an Amazon Household account. Next, we tell you how to activate it.

How to enable Drop In on mobile?

From the Alexa application on the mobile, you must click on the Communication section. Then click on the contacts option to select who can call you with Drop In to your devices in Allow Drop In . They will finally be able to call you using other devices. To start a call from the mobile, go to Communication and on the desired contact to press on the device you want to call. If your device is not supported, Drop In will simply not appear.

echo dot drop in

Although, as we told you at the beginning, the advantage of Drop In is that you don’t need to type or touch any element. Directly tell your Alexa device who you want to call and you’re good to go. Remember that the call is automatic, so it will start without the need to “pick up” the call.

Block drop-in calls

You don’t need to turn Drop In on and off to block calls, you can tell Alexa to disable calls . If you tell the device “Alexa, disable Drop In for my house”, it will disable all calls that you receive inside the house. You can also temporarily deactivate calls by selecting “Do not disturb” within the app on your mobile or also by means of a voice command.