Apps to improve the Wi-Fi connection

Despite the fact that many operators offer unlimited data rates, many times we continue to depend on WiFi. The strength of the signal that our mobile receives will depend on both the parameters and the distance we are from the issuer. For this reason, we put at your disposal 4 applications to calculate the power of the signal received and thus improve the efficiency of our Wi-Fi.

It is important to take advantage of the connection we receive, so we show you the best applications to optimize the connection, whether in our home or outside it. They are all free, although some have in-app purchases or PRO versions.

Apps to improve the Wi-Fi connection


It has a complete interface, although somewhat complex, to evaluate the availability of your WiFi. In it we visualize the plans of the location that receives the connection in order to find out which areas receive more internet and which less.

wifi captura netspot

On the other hand, it allows us to solve our connection problems by analyzing the network. It is true that it has a Pro version, but with the free one we can worthily evaluate the connection. One of its best virtues is that it can be used for both small spaces, such as a small apartment, and large surfaces, such as warehouses. The only drawback is that despite being available for Android and iOS, it is not yet optimized for the latter system, which is why we still do not recommend it.

Opensignal Speed Test

Apple users occasionally face app compatibility issues because many of the most downloaded apps on Android are not available on the App Store. To alleviate this deficiency, we present Opensignal Speed Test, which not only allows you to measure Wi-Fi.

wifi opensignal

The app allows many measurements. With it we can analyze the latency of the WiFi connection and within it, the download or streaming speeds, among others. In addition, outside of WiFi, we can measure the data connection, whether it is 3G, 4G or 5G.

Signal Strength

Signal Strength is an application with which you can measure the strength of the WiFi signal received . It is the perfect application for those who notice that their connection varies depending on the place, since it acts as a compass that oscillates depending on the location. In addition, it offers us network information.

wifi 1

Its interface is really intuitive, since it indicates the different WiFi levels according to the color and the received signal. In turn, we can also calculate the speed in Mbps that we receive. It is a free application, although it has purchases inside. Unfortunately it is only available on Android.

Who is on my WiFi

As its name suggests, this application does not allow us to measure the received signal, but to find out if we have an unwanted tenant sucking our connection . Sometimes the slowness is not due to the distance of the WiFi or the device used, but because another person is taking part of our connection.

wifi ultima

The simple appearance of the application will allow us to discover the thief easily. The app shows us the devices connected to the network, it also details the host name, the IP address and other elements of our connection. Unfortunately it is only available for iOS.