What is a home automation and why it is almost essential

Surely you have read the term home automation on many occasions lately. It is something that is fashionable and the truth is that it will be more and more present. But what exactly is a home automation? Why is it going to become something essential? In this article we are going to talk about it. We are going to explain what you should know about smart homes and why in the coming years it will be very common.

What does a home automation consist of?

What is a home automation

When we talk about a home automation we mean a smart home . In other words, it is a house that has devices that allow you to control certain devices, household appliances, offer us information and data through sensors, etc. The range of options is quite wide.

If we explain it with some examples you will understand it better. Think, for example, of a refrigerator, a dishwasher and an oven. They are very common appliances in any home. But if we make smart, home automation devices out of them, it means that we will be able to control them from the mobile , remotely or through other devices. For example, you can program from outside the house to start the dishwasher or the oven to start preheating.

Just that is a home automation . From there, the options are vast. You can have a home that is automated simply with light bulbs that you can control from your mobile, schedule their on or off, as well as go further and have all your electrical appliances connected to each other and controlled from your mobile.

As you can see, there are many devices that can be part of home automation. Actually having a smart home with one type of device or another can vary depending on each one. You might be interested in having blinds that open and close on schedules, perhaps being able to turn the air conditioning or heating on or off remotely, or simply being able to control light bulbs.

Why is it going to be important?

But, why in the coming years is it going to be something so common and, also, important? We have many options available today, but the truth is that over time we will have an even greater range of possibilities . There will be more devices available, cheaper and with more features. All this will make home automation more present.

It will be more important due to the fact that new needs will arise that today you think you will not have. Think back to 15 years ago and the issue of mobile phones: did you see a need to have Internet on your phone and be able to send messages through an application like WhatsApp? Possibly you would answer that it works for you to call or send SMS or, failing that, use a messaging application on the computer. But nowadays we all see it as a necessity to have the Internet on our mobile and to be able to use WhatsApp or any similar program.

The same will happen with smart homes. Although currently it may seem like something new, something curious but not really useful, in a few years you will probably see it differently. The published reports already point to that and say that in a matter of 3-4 years, home automation will double.