What does the Zepp brand have to do with Amazfit?

Amazfit is one of the most popular wearable manufacturers on the market, and has had a lot to do with democratizing this type of device, and bringing it closer to all types of users, regardless of their economic power. Zepp has crept into the brand’s range, a new brand that has a lot to do with it.

Many of us have ever wondered what the true relationship between these brands is, after after several years of Amazfit’s solo career, this mysterious brand appeared in its range, and not only that, but also in its software.

What does the Zepp brand have to do with Amazfit

A very close relationship

We are talking about a brand of wearables that has its own products, specifically two smartwatches, the Zepp E and Z. But it is a brand that in turn belongs to Amazfit, and has been fully integrated into it, to the point that it could mark the future of the Chinese giant in the future. Currently, in addition to these devices, the presence of Zepp in the world of Amazfit is notable, since a few months ago the application of the latter was renamed with the name of the new brand.

Relojes Amazfit

In fact, now if you buy a new Amazfit watch, you will see how the synchronization app is Zepp’s, which is practically the same in appearance and characteristics as the original, only with dark color tints, adapted to this new brand. So, the relationship between both brands is clear, and it seems that Amazfit had the intention of gradually converting its watches to this new brand, perhaps due to global marketing strategies.

Amazfit Zepp E Square

But the reality is that today many more wearables under the Amazfit brand continue to arrive on the market than with Zepp, although the presence of the latter in the synchronization app has multiplied its popularity among users. The reality is that today it is an unknown which will be the dominant company or brand in the coming years, if we will see a total conversion of Amazfit into Zepp, or a coexistence of both as before.

What is the origin of Zepp?

But the reality is that the name of Zepp has not been a whim of Amazfit to give a different touch to the brand, but everything goes back to the acquisition of the former by the latter in 2018 . And it is that this brand was basically specialized in the manufacture of biometric sensors for sports devices, something that could logically improve the performance of Amazfit devices.

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In addition, Zepp is a brand of Californian origin , founded in 2010, and therefore could give a different dimension to the Chinese firm in global markets. Perhaps with this acquisition Amazfit will seek two effects, first to obtain better technologies for the analysis of physical activity and health for its devices, as well as a global brand recognition and not exclusively Chinese.

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The reality is that today the perception by users of the relationship of both brands with each other is quite diffuse , and we do not know if we really are halfway between a total merger of both, or an absorption. Therefore we know where Zepp comes from, we know who acquired it, but its role in the future is not too clear, apart from the fact that it is an omnipresent name in the synchronization apps of the popular Amazfit wearables.