What does the red LED light on your router mean?

Routers are our gateway to the Internet. Its stability is key when it comes to being able to enjoy a good connection quality on a daily basis . However, there are times when problems arise in them that can leave us offline for a long time, and for that the red LED light is usually used.

On most carrier fiber routers, having a red LED light on the router like this all of a sudden doesn’t indicate anything good. If we have run out of Internet connection, this light will appear in the one corresponding to the status of our fiber optic connection.

red LED light on your router mean

In Movistar, it indicates a connection problem

For example, in the Movistar Smart WiFi router, we find four LED lights . The one on the right is the one that indicates the status of our Internet connection. If it is solid blue and is not blinking, it means that we have an Internet connection and everything is working correctly. The network activity indicators are on the back if we have an Ethernet cable connected.

However, if the LED is solid red , then we have a network problem. The red light indicates that the Internet connection could not be established, either due to our problem or due to an operator problem. In the event that the problem is ours, the fiber optic cable may have broken or is in poor condition. If it’s the operator’s fault, then there’s not much we can do to fix it other than wait for the operator to fix it.

internet luz led roja

The red light can also be found in other LEDs of the router in Movistar . For example, if the red LED is the one on the phone and it flashes, it indicates that there is an issue with the phone. If it is fixed, it indicates that the telephone service cannot be accessed.

Red light on other operators

In the rest of the operators, the use of the red light may change. In the case of Orange , there are no red lights, instead white color codes are used. If the light blinks fast white on the Livebox 6 , the fiber is not connected. If the light is solid white or slow flashing white, then the fiber may be connected, but the Internet password is not entered or there is no Internet connection.

At Digi, however, we have similar behavior depending on the router, where the red LED indicates that there is a problem with the connection and the Internet is not working.

In short, lights are a very important way for the router to communicate to us that there is a problem in our fiber optic connection . Going to the manual is the most recommended option, but if our router is in place and we have not touched the cables at all, it is most likely that the problem is a matter of the operator, and we have to wait a while for it to be fixed, or reboot the router to see if that fixes it.