Everything you can do with a satellite deco, besides watching TV

Everything you can do with a satellite deco

The satellite decos are designed to tune channels through a satellite dish. There are even dual ones that allow you to watch DTT, all from the same device. However, there are other uses we can give to deco beyond watching free linear channels coming through the air.

Play content locally

Most satellite players have built-in local content players. Thanks to them, we can play all kinds of multimedia content that we have on a pendrive or hard drive, even if it is encoded in H.265.

Watch Internet Videos

Some decos have pre-installed apps, where some allow, for example, to watch YouTube videos or other streaming platforms. Thanks to this, we do not have to have a Smart TV to enjoy the videos on the platform, although searching for content with the remote can be a very tedious task.

See IPTV links

Some decos are also compatible with the reproduction of content through IPTV , so that by putting a list of channels we can see them directly on the television. This is useful if we have contracted Movistar + and we do not have another tuner available at home, where with only a decoder and, for example, a monitor, we can access the operator’s content on other devices.

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Record programs

If we buy a deco that has Linux inside (called Enigma2 ), we can carry out a multitude of uses in the deco. In addition to accessing the contents that we see there locally through m3u links, we can also see them from outside the home. In turn, we can record multimedia content to a NAS that we have connected to the network. To record content to a device via USB it is not necessary to have Enigma2, but to do it in a network, yes.

Install Kodi

If you have a deco with Linux, you can probably install Kodi on it. Thanks to this, you will not only be able to reproduce local content, but also links directly from the same interface of the app. You can even use it to play games through the popular app.

Download Torrent

Lastly, again if your deco has Linux, you can use it to download torrent . With plugins such as Transmission, we can use it to download content to a storage device that we have connected to the network or via USB. All of this can be controlled from the web interface. With this, you will not have to leave the computer on while downloading, thereby saving on the electricity bill.