What do I need to be able to install Kodi?

As soon as we start up a new device with which we will start working, be it a PC or any other, the first thing we do is install the software that we are going to need. We generally talk about an internet browser, an office suite, the clients of our social networks, or a multimedia player. If we focus on this last mentioned case, Kodi is one of the most popular proposals.

Some of you still know it as XBMC, but in any case we are dealing with an important open source project. This is the focus on the playback and management of all kinds of multimedia content. Therefore, from here we will have the possibility of working with photos, videos, television channels, playing music content, streaming content, etc. In fact, sometimes we could say that this is software that behaves like an independent operating system, but focused on this specific type of file.

What do I need to be able to install Kodi

What’s more, it offers us a user interface that has nothing to do with, nor does it try to adapt to, the system where we have installed it. In this way we find ourselves with a totally own environment of use and those in which we manage our contents. There are several secrets to Kodi’s success. We can start with its reliability and stability , going through its compatibility with multiple formats, or the possibility of adding plugins. That is precisely why millions of users around the world opt for this software as the first alternative. For many it is one of the main competitors of the equally popular VLC.

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But before that, we may be wondering what we really need to be able to install and enjoy Kodi . This is precisely what we want to talk about in the next few lines.

How do I prepare to install and use Kodi

Well, in case you have made the decision to try this application to play your content, let’s see what we need. First of all, keep in mind that Kodi can run on any PC , laptop, mobile device , many of today’s game consoles , or even a Raspberry Pi . This means that we are rarely going to have problems at the hardware level to be able to install this multimedia player. All we have to do is search the corresponding app store or download the correct version of the app.

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This freedom at the hardware level when installing Kodi is largely due to a simple reason. And it is that its main managers have developed versions for many operating systems. In this way we have the possibility to install open source software on Windows, Linux , macOS , Android , iOS , or tvOS. In short, the limitations when installing this interesting program are going to be minimal.

To all this, we must add that despite the somewhat special user interface that it offers us, the minimum RAM will not be a problem either. In fact, its own developers specify that a gigabyte of RAM will be more than enough. However, being a little more realistic and for everything to work smoothly, from here we recommend a minimum of two gigabytes . Once we know everything that has been said and if we add it to the proposed functionality, no one is surprised by the enormous success that Kodi is currently enjoying.