What differences are there between Netflix and Amazon? Which is better?

Netflix and Prime Video are currently one of the most popular streaming platforms and, surely, the ones with the largest number of subscribers in Spain , but which do you think is the best of the two? Which is the one that adapts to your needs and allows a better use of the leisure offer that it proposes? Now, with your permission, we will try to answer everything.

Netflix vs. Prime Video

What differences are there between Netflix and Amazon

Netflix was one of the first to arrive in Spain, which gave it a certain competitive advantage, while Prime Video opted for another type of expansion , calmer and linked, as you know, to that Prime subscription for free shipping within the online store. Be that as it may, the fact that they almost always crown the rankings of the most viewed applications is a good reason to try to find out which of the two is better. Do you think there is a winner?

The Battle of the Catalog

It is the cornerstone of any project: having an increasingly large catalog of originals that is capable of convincing users that everything they need is within its ecosystem. And at this point we will all agree that there is no possible comparison with Netflix. It is true that later we could talk about quality vs. quantity , but with everything that North Americans bring in the background , we have enough hours to occupy the rest of our lives with marathons.


Prime Video has less, original above all, but it also feeds on good purchases of historical cinema and great series that were successful in the past. As proof, the recent arrival of the entire catalog of James Bond films from MGM. The 25 considered official ( Never say never is not) until now.

The price battle

In this section , the winner is Prime Video because we will not have to pay anything every month, if we are Amazon Prime members, since with the 36 euros we will have access to the Jeff Bezos platform included. We can opt, yes, for a monthly alternative of 3.99 euros, but it is unlikely that with the other offer (free shipping) someone will request it.

Netflix, for its part, has a price scale based on the service we want to receive: 7.99, 12.99 and 17.99 euros for the Basic, Standard and Premium plans, respectively. Each one with its own characteristics of number of screens (1, 2 or 4) and resolution (normal, HD and 4K) at which we can see things.

Prime Video de Amazon.

The battle of customization

Netflix has no option to configure the content we see through its official application. We simply open it and everything we see is what it is, without the possibility of adding new channels, movies or series.

However, in the case of Prime Video, Amazon has conceived its service as a hub where we can buy or rent movies and add extra channel packages (StarzPlay, AMC+, FlixOlé, MGM, aContra+, AcornTV, All Flamenco, Stingray Clásica, Dizi , dJazz, ElGourmet, Hayu, History and current affairs, Hipster, Love Nature, Pash, Planet Horror, Stingray Karaoke and many more). Of course, each one has a subscription price that we can pay every month. The result is that what we have is what we want, and not necessarily all there is.

The Battle of the Video Games

The red N in recent months has boosted the presence of video games in the Netflix app for mobile devices, completely free as part of the subscription. Prime Video, however, does not have something like that, although it does have a leg focused on these issues such as Prime Gaming, closely linked to Twitch. Through them we can also get games without paying a euro.

Netflix videojuegos.

Which one is the best?

If you want a cheaper alternative and close to a discreet catalog of originals, without much movement but with constant releases and a wardrobe full of great classics in the history of cinema or television, Prime Video is surely what you are looking for because it usually have content that will appeal to anyone who considers himself a faithful viewer of the seventh art.

However, if what you need is a lot of content from time to time , mostly original and with the possibility of sharing expenses with other friends (for the moment and until these practices are cut ), then what we recommend is to dive into Netflix. It is the one that revolutionizes its catalog the most every few months with news from countless genres.