The best emojis on Facebook – List of emoticons for Messenger

List of emoticons for Messenger

We do not know how to communicate without emojis that accompany our words to express ourselves better, to give meaning to what we want to show. We put emojis of hearts, smiling emojis, crying with laughter or sad and even the famous WhatsApp poop. But in the next paragraphs we will explain what are the best Facebook emojis or how we can add emojis in Mark Zuckeberg’s social network both in our individual conversations and chats.

To use the best Facebook emojis we can do it from the website itself or from specialized pages that allow us to copy and paste the icons .

Use emoji on Facebook

We can send emojis through the Facebook wall when we share a publication or a video or any type of content. But we can also use emojis on Facebook through user chats on Facebook Messenger.

On your wall and posts

IF we want to use emojis in the posts that we upload to our Facebook wall, it is a very simple process that will only take a few seconds. You simply have to go to your profile in the application or on the website and touch the button that allows us to create a publication. The message, “What are you thinking, Your name?” will appear. and we can add all the content that interests us. Beyond writing a publication or pasting a link, at the bottom we will see a series of emoticons or symbols that allow us to add other types of content: an icon to attach photographs, an icon to put labels on the publication, to add emojis of Facebook, to add a location or to add a question and answer session in addition to events, live videos or GIFs.

Just at the top of the bar with symbols we will find a smile, a smiling emoji on the right side of the screen as you can see in the image below. Here we must touch so that all the Facebook emojis that we want or can put in our publications on the wall appear. As in other social networks, there are eight different categories or groups by themes: smiles and people, animals and nature, food and drinks, activities, trips and places, objects, symbols and flags. We simply have to touch the one that interests us to add it to the publication in the order we want and as many times as we want.


on facebook messenger

In the case of Facebook Messenger we can also send emojis to any user while we have a conversation , just like in any other messaging application and with the same options as in the previous case. We simply have to go to the chat with the person with whom we want to talk and in the lower right part of the screen we will see an emoji or an icon of a smiling face.

You touch on it and you can see the different categories. Eight different categories by theme and similar to those we see on the wall (smiles and people, animals and nature, food and drinks, activities, trips and places, objects, symbols and flags…) and we only have to touch one or the other to add it to the chat.

Chat Facebook

Reacting to Facebook stories

In Facebook stories we can also send emojis to our contacts to react to them. We have to open the stories section and we will see the content uploaded by our friends or by the people we follow.

At the bottom of the story, like on Instagram, we have the ability to reply. But next to the box where we can write a response we will see that there are also seven reaction icons that we can send. It is not as such a way of writing emojis on Facebook because we cannot choose but we can react to this content with a like, a heart, an icon embracing a heart, laughter, surprise, tears or anger.

Stories Facebook

Websites and lists with emojis

In addition to those that come by default, we can find the best Facebook emojis to copy and paste directly into your posts or chat messages. It may be a simpler option to have them always at hand, but it is also a good resource that we can use in other social networks such as Twitter or simply in other services such as an Excel page, for example.


It is one of the best known and most recommended that has all kinds of emojis available and some of the best Facebook emojis organized by categories and at a glance. We simply have to scroll to see them all without having to go through the windows of the social network, much more uncomfortable. By showing them all on the web, we can see them more easily at a single glance. Like on Facebook, they are organized by categories: smiles and people, animals and nature, food and drinks, activities, trips and places, objects, symbols and flags…


In PiliApp we can click or tap on the icons that we want to add to a message and they will automatically be added to the top of the web to copy all the necessary ones. We will add all of them and they will appear as in the image below. Simply click on “copy” and you can copy it and it will be copied to the clipboard and it will be enough to “paste” it on another website.

PiliApp 2

In addition, one of the main advantages is that all the recently used emojis will appear at the top and we can always have them at hand.


Emojipedia is another of the essential websites to get the best emojis from Facebook or from any other social network that we can copy and paste and from all kinds of categories and content. We can search for the one that interests us or simply touch all the sections until we find the one that interests us or we like.

Emojipedia has all the versions of emojis available but also all the possible versions of emoticons for each social network. We can tap on “Facebook” to see the best Facebook emojis and not only will we see the complete list but it also allows us to know the meaning of each one of them and thus we can know what we can use it for in any of the cases or if we use it correctly .


We can also copy and paste. You simply have to tap on the one you like and it will open the emoji detail page where we will see “copy and paste” and a button that will automatically copy it to the clipboard. Once we have it on the clipboard we can paste it on Facebook or on any website.