What Commands to Use in Windows to Improve the Internet

Having a good connection is very important. We have more and more devices connected to the network, more services and platforms that need to have the Internet. However, it does not always work correctly. Sometimes problems can arise that cause slowness, cuts and instability. Luckily, we can almost always take into account certain tips to improve it and make it work as well as possible. In this article we are going to show some commands that we can use in Windows to increase the Internet speed and also solve certain outage problems.

Fast, secure and stable Internet connection

When we surf the Internet we must not only observe the upload and download speed. We must also take into account the importance of safety being present and stable, without continuous outages and failures.

What Commands to Use in Windows to Improve the Internet

To achieve this we must have a good router, a good network card, a device that works well and, of course, a good configuration. All this will influence so that everything goes correctly, without having problems when opening a web page or logging in to any platform.

But sometimes simply by carrying out a few simple steps at the software level, changing some parameters in the configuration, we can achieve that the improvement in the speed and stability of the connection is evident.

In Windows 10, which is one of the most used operating systems worldwide, we can use the command line and execute some with which we can empty the DNS cache, renew the IP or simply analyze the ping to determine if there is any problem or not.

Commands in Windows to improve the Internet

All these commands can come in handy at any given time to make our connection work as well as possible. Especially they must be taken into account if we see that the speed is not good, if there are cuts or instability. We know that the network works well, we have tried with other equipment and the speed is adequate, but with that specific system we have failures.

Empty DNS cache

Every time we open a web page, perform a search or connect to any service, our equipment will store information. You will save which IP address corresponds to a specific site. This way, when we go back in, you won’t have to “translate” that information and you will save time.

However, this could cause the system to congest at any given moment. It can cause speed problems and even difficulty to enter a specific web page. Hence we must flush the DNS cache .

To do it from the command line you just have to go to Start, open the Command Prompt and run ipconfig / flushdns .

Vaciar la caché DNS desde la línea de comandos

Renew the IP

This is especially important if we are connected to a Wi-Fi network. Sometimes it may be necessary to renew the IP address to experience an improvement in speed. The procedure once again is very simple. You just have to go to the Command Prompt and this time run the command ipconfig / renew .

We will automatically renew the IP with which we connect to the router. In this way, we can also solve certain errors that may have appeared at any given time in our Internet connection.

Check if DNS is working well

The Windows command line also allows us to know if the DNS is working correctly. To do this, you have to run the nslookup command. This tool is going to show us a series of interesting data. We can also see which is the IP address that corresponds to a domain.

But without a doubt what interests us most in our case is to see that the DNS are acting as they should when it comes to resolving a specific domain. We must execute: nslookup website . For example nslookup redeszone.net.

NsLookUp Windows 10

The DNS that we use will also allow the connection to go faster. Sometimes it can be interesting to change the servers that we are using and thus achieve a significant improvement in terms of speed.

Ping the router

We can also check the response speed when connecting to the router. The lower that ping, the better. It is a value that can tell us that our connection works well or badly and, in the latter case, find a solution to avoid problems.

For this we will need to know the default gateway . Normally it is, but it may vary depending on the router model we have. We have to execute the ipconfig command and it will show us a series of information, among which we can see which is the gateway.

Cómo saber la IP del router

Once we know what it is, we just have to run the command ping -t gateway . For example ping -t

Reset Winsock

One more way to improve Internet speed from the command line is by resetting Winsock . Sometimes there can be problems with network sockets, which are used by Windows for information exchange. This makes it necessary to reset them and thus ensure that the speed and stability of the network are adequate.

In this case the command we have to execute is netsh winsock reset. Winsock will automatically restart. It is a simple and fast process, with which we can obtain good results. Of course, it is important to restart the computer so that the changes are made correctly.

Ping Google

One more way to verify that the Internet connection is working well and to be able to carry out some actions to improve it if necessary, is to ping Google. It is one of the most stable connections that we can make and therefore shows us reliable results.

To do this, in the command line you have to ping google.com . It will ping Google and it will show us the packets sent, received and lost, as well as the latency, measured in milliseconds, that it takes.

In short, these are some simple commands that we can use in Windows to improve Internet speed and to check that everything works correctly and to be able to make changes if necessary to make our connection work as well as possible and not have any type of error.