What can you do on a mobile without a SIM card

The faculties that today’s smartphones hide inside them are excessively surprising given the infinite possibilities they offer. Today you can do almost anything and perform any action through a simple device, although there are certain functions that are limited if you do not have a physical SIM card.

This really is something unusual, because nowadays it is very difficult to find a user who does not use it. Mainly, because it is necessary to carry out tasks as simple as making a phone call . However, there are certain scenarios where it is possible that you do not have one at hand, either because your mobile has been stolen and you are using a secondary one, the device does not recognize the card or you have simply lost it. Whatever your situation, you’ll be interested to know that you don’t need it to use most of the phone’s tools.

What can you do on a mobile without a SIM card

No SIM card? Nothing happens

We are used to using the mobile with a SIM card inside since the origin of this class of devices. Hence, it is a common thought to believe that we need it in a mandatory way if we intend to use the terminal for any activity. This was the case, but, nevertheless, with the birth of smartphones, everything has changed and the reality is that they work like a computer, where with an Internet connection you will have no problem taking advantage of almost all the features of your phone.

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Of course, some are temporarily disabled until you insert the card again. This is the case of the aforementioned phone calls, but also of the mobile data included in your rate . Therefore, this means that none of the functions agreed with your operator will remain available. In short, you will be able to use the smartphone without any line or coverage, since there is nothing that establishes that connection of your device with the provider company.

almost endless possibilities

If one thinks about the huge number of tasks that he carries out with his terminal, he will realize that on more than one occasion he has not needed a SIM card, especially for secondary smartphones that we turn to from time to time. For those of us who use it daily, it is not entirely recommended, since, once you go out, you will need a WiFi connection to take advantage of all its features. Otherwise, its use will be relegated solely and exclusively to those functions that do not require Internet connectivity.

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That said, from your home or anywhere with WiFi you will have no problem. You can play your favorite titles, look at Google Maps, listen to music or stream content, and even chat with friends on social networks like Twitter or Instagram. On the other hand, messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram will not be enabled because they need our phone number linked to the SIM card. This means that the only limit that exists when using a mobile without it is Internet connectivity, so you should not worry if you temporarily do not have one at your disposal.