What are the dangers of editing a PDF with a web application

Surely on many occasions over the last few years we have come across files in PDF format of the most diverse nature. Sometimes we use many of these simply to read their content. But many other times we will need to alter it with various types of editing.

To begin with, we will tell you that editing a file in PDF format is not as simple as, for example, changing the content of a Word DOCX. It is true that we have a multitude of programs at our fingertips that will help us to a great extent. However, carrying out an effective edition of these files with good results is not an easy task. We have programs and web applications that help us insert elements, modify forms, delete pages, add passwords and many other tasks.

What are the dangers of editing a PDF with a web application

We generally use programs that we install on our computer to work with these specific files. Initially PDF files were developed by the software giant Adobe . Later they were released so that any user or company could make use of them. All in all, the most popular software solution to work with these files is Adobe Acrobat . Here we find a multitude of functions related to all of this, but we must bear in mind that this is paid software.

For this reason, many users prefer to use other free titles, although most of them are less effective. Also, and focused on these same tasks, we find a good number of web applications. Some of them offer us a multitude of functions related to PDFs , while others focus on more specific ways of working. In addition, we must bear in mind that most of these applications that we find on the internet are free.

Editing a PDF online is not always recommended

Perhaps the main advantage that they offer us is that we do not need to install anything locally, all the work is carried out from the web browser . However, despite the comfort they provide us, they are not always the most recommended option. This is something that we will talk about next.

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It’s all about privacy . And it is that when we work with a PDF file in a web application, all the treatment is carried out online. This means that we upload these files to remote servers to perform the relevant tasks. However, sometimes we do not know what the companies responsible for the program are going to do with those files. On the basis that these sometimes contain sensitive or sensitive information, we are providing all of this to a third party company.

There are cases in which the application itself informs us, first of all, that once we have finished the editing process , the PDF is destroyed . Similarly, in many other solutions nothing is specified in this regard. In addition, we must take into account that many of these jobs require access to content remotely. This means that, if we want to take maximum care, for whatever reason, of the internal elements that are part of this PDF that we are going to deal with, it may be preferable to use a local program.