What are the Fastest VPNs Today for Browsing

VPNs have become almost indispensable services in many cases. The boom in remote work, for example, has also had a significant impact on these types of tools. There are several factors that we must take into account when choosing one option or another, but without a doubt speed is essential. In this article, we are going to talk about which are the fastest VPNs today. A review of some of the main ones.

Fastest VPNs Today

We all know that by using a VPN our connection can slow down. It is something normal and that is present both in mobile devices and in desktop computers. However, we can run into a very slow option that practically does not let us navigate, while another alternative may work much better, almost as if we were browsing without this function.

Fastest VPNs Today for Browsing

Especially the free VPNs have considerably worse quality. They tend to be slow, cause cuts, instability, in addition to being able to put the safety of users at risk. But also those that are paid can have difficulties to offer good speed. Hence, we must always compare and choose which one is best suited.

We wanted to echo a report where they have shown which are the fastest VPNs that we can use today. A selection in which some of the most popular also appear and that many readers will have installed on their computers.

VPN en todos los dispositivos

NordVPN, the fastest VPN today

According to this report that we echo and in which they have tested different VPN services, the fastest today is NordVPN . It is the one that has offered, on average, the best results in the different tests they have carried out to determine which services are the fastest.

But that speed, they say, is not far from his two immediate pursuers. These are Hostpot Shield and ExpressVPN . They are undoubtedly two of the most popular tools that have the most users worldwide.

So the fastest VPNs right now, at least according to the report we echo, are NordVPN, Hostpot Shield, and ExpressVPN. It should be noted that in all these cases they are available for mobile devices and also computers, in addition to having extensions for the browser in some cases.

What factors go into making the VPN go fast? The first thing is that the VPN works correctly. That is, it is important that there are no failures in the installation, that we have it updated and well configured. But you also have to take into account some issues that are not always present in all.

One of the most important points is the number of servers you have and in which countries they are available. This can be decisive in some cases. It is also important if we are sharing our own bandwidth or not, something that usually happens with the free versions.

But it should also be noted that the type of encryption you use could positively or negatively affect the speed of a VPN. Not all solutions will have the same encryption and it is another point to keep in mind when using one or the other option.