Ubuntu Core 20: the System to Protect IoT Devices

The Internet of Things has today a very important role for users. They are all those devices that we have at home and that are connected to the Internet. For example we can mention a television, smart combillas, video players … Now, we must bear in mind that they represent a security threat if we do not configure them properly. In this article we are going to talk about Ubuntu Core 20 , designed to improve security on IoT devices.

Ubuntu Core 20, minimum version for IoT devices

Canonical has developed Ubuntu Core 20, a minimal version based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and designed for IoT devices and embedded systems. The goal is to enhance device security with Secure Boot, full encryption, and recovery.

Ubuntu Core 20

It is based on the Ubuntu application ecosystem and is able to offer a system for smart devices and maintain security at all times. It allows to have the devices updated at all times, with a suitable design and development.

According to Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical Founder and CEO, every connected device needs guaranteed platform security and an app store. In addition, it ensures that Ubuntu Core 20 allows innovators to create highly secure things and focus entirely on their own unique features and applications, with security updates built into the operating system.

One of the interesting points of Ubuntu Core 20 is that it uses a system with a smaller attack surface . This is achieved by reducing the number of programs installed base in the operating system. This reduces the chances that an attacker will be able to exploit vulnerabilities.

The software itself prevents the installation of other unauthorized programs. In addition, disk encryption helps meet privacy requirements for certain user-sensitive applications as well as organizations or enterprises.

Ubuntu Core 20 will have security maintenance support for 10 years on x86 and ARM processor architecture.

Therefore, we are facing a new version of the operating system capable of improving the security of the devices. We already know that this is a very important factor and that we must always take it into account to avoid problems that compromise proper operation.

Protecting IoT devices is essential

As we have indicated, we have more and more Internet of Things devices in our homes. It is very important that we have them properly protected, since otherwise an attacker could access our network and compromise other computers that we have connected.

It is essential that they are up to date . In this way we will not only improve performance, but we will be able to solve possible vulnerabilities that appear. Always having the latest patches and updates will be key.

We must also protect them with passwords that are strong and complex. They must contain letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and other special symbols. All this in addition to random and unique. We should never leave the keys that are predetermined with the device.

We leave you an article with tips to improve security in IoT devices.