What Apple is going to do with the MacBook Air!

The rumors about Apple and everything that it has planned, or not, to launch over time never stop, and it is that despite the fact that the iPhone is always the focus of all eyes and, above all, of all the rumors, the rest of the devices that have the apple logo do not go unnoticed either. For this reason, in this post we want to talk to you about the piece of surprise that Cupertino is preparing with the MacBook Air.

What Apple is going to do with the MacBook Air

The 15-inch MacBook Air is a reality

One of the rumors that has sounded the most about the MacBook Air for a long time is the possibility that Apple would continue in the wake of the MacBook Pro, which for a long time have had two well-differentiated screen sizes. First it was 13 and 15 inches , and now it’s 14 and 16 inches . Well, the MacBook Air in no time will also have two different models, at least in terms of screen size.

MacBook Air M2

It is not the first time that the possibility that the MacBook Air has a 15-inch screen has come to light, however, this time it is very different since the confirmation seems to have come from one of the most prominent screen analysts. reputed throughout the world, the popular Ross Young . It has been he himself who has confirmed that Apple’s supply chain has already started production of the screen that, predictably, will carry this MacBook Air model, thus putting aside the rumors, and becoming a reality that, all It indicates that it will arrive soon at the Apple Store.

In addition, unlike what seems to happen with the popular iMac and what we had here at ITIGIC a few days ago, as we said, this new MacBook Air does not seem to be asking for much, since the same analyst points out that Apple It intends to start marketing it in April , something that makes all the sense in the world since Apple could present it this way in March, a date on which there is always a keynote.

MacBook Air

It is a movement that really should not surprise anyone , and it is that with the arrival of Apple’s own processors, the MacBook Air has gained a life that it did not have before with Intel processors. Every day it has more resources to be able to satisfy the needs of a greater range of users, being the real commitment of many professionals. That is why in the end, many of these professionals demand or need a larger screen option for their daily tasks , then having to go yes or yes to the 16-inch MacBook Pro, a much more expensive option that also has a power they don’t really need. Therefore, from the launch of this 15-inch MacBook Air, these users will have exactly the equipment they have been looking for for so long.